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  1. Live migration of existing machines

    Seems that you are wrong and there is vm-126-disk-0.qcow2 2019-10-09 13:49:51 ERROR: found stale volume copy 'localdir2:126/vm-126-disk-0.qcow2' on node 'cloudhost3'
  2. Live migration of existing machines

    Remove "stale volume copy 'localdir2:126/vm-126-disk-0.qcow2' on node 'cloudhost3'" and migration should work.
  3. Incremental back-ups using dirty bitmap

    WOW that would be awesome, so we could stop using our own scripts for backups and start using official solution. :-)
  4. Migrate a suspended VM?

    To all. What do you guys think? Would you like to see this feature. Please comment here and on the feature request, so devs know this would be an awesome feature.
  5. LVM thin disaster today: ran out of metadata space

    I sugggest to add monitoring of available metadata on your LVM installs.
  6. LVM thin disaster today: ran out of metadata space

    What more info do you want?
  7. Live migration of existing machines

    I would suggest you do some testing with test VMs and you can see how your cluster setup behaves.
  8. ZFS bad Performance!

    I am not familiar with Kingston A400, but Samsung EVO / PRO will be faster than HDDs but still painfully slow, as well pose a significant threat for data loss on power failure. Take a look at intel D3 SSD line of disks and similar. Just look at the enterprise SSDs from any provider really. They...
  9. ZFS bad Performance!

    Well, sorry to disappoint, but 2 x HHDs in mirros on ZFS will always be painfully slow in my experience. The first usable config with HDDs in my use cases is at minimum of 10 HDDs. However what you could try is: 1. Enable SLOG for pool (create partitions on ssds and add them as log device for...
  10. System Hang at 'Reached target Reboot'

    Oh, are there... ok I didn't notice. Thanks for pointing it out. Maybe there were some hanging processes then and systemd finally decited to reboot the server after 30 minutes. IPMI has stopped working all together, I can not access it. I can not reboot these servers just to test it out, so we...
  11. Write speeds fall off/VM lag during file copies ZFS

    When copying to ZFS HDD Mirror and at the same time using it for Windows will always result with the symptoms you describe, because two HDD disks are simply to slow (IOPS wise) for what you want them to do. The only thing that might help is to disable syncing (ZIL) on windows HDD...
  12. System Hang at 'Reached target Reboot'

    I concur, that is why i mentioned it. The system might have waited for IMPI which failed to run and continued to boot Linux after some timeout. IPMI is on dedicated network interface. Logs show a clean shutdown from Linux point of view.
  13. System Hang at 'Reached target Reboot'

    FYI I noticed that on all these servers where we hit this 30 minutes reboot time, IPMI stopped working also.
  14. System Hang at 'Reached target Reboot'

    Logs show nothing interesting: Sep 10 06:27:45 lic2 systemd[1]: Stopped PVE API Proxy Server. Sep 10 06:27:45 lic2 systemd[1]: Stopping OpenBSD Secure Shell server... Sep 10 06:27:45 lic2 systemd[1]: Stopped target PVE Storage Target. Sep 10 06:27:45 lic2 systemd[1]: Stopped OpenBSD Secure...
  15. System Hang at 'Reached target Reboot'

    I just have had the same experience right now with the same Supermicro AMD hardware type but on a different server. Took exactly 30 minutes to come back. I failed to access IPMI or attach screen in time.


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