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  1. cloud-init + windows + admin passwords?

    Hello, As per the subject, has anything changed in this regard? Last I checked the cloud-init password feature could not be used for Windows guests as it had to be in clear text. Is there any sort of work to enable the use of clear passwords? Regards, Lucian
  2. Reset CEPH configuration (start over)

    I ended up reinstalling, but thanks anyway.
  3. Reset CEPH configuration (start over)

    Hi, I've created a public network over 1 Gbps and a cluster network over bonded 10 Gbps, during operation I see the public network maxed out and I'd like to get rid of it completely as it seems a bottleneck. Is there anyway I can just reset the CEPH component and start over? Would nuking...
  4. Setting up firewall programatically

    Hello, Is there anyway to interact with the PVE firewall, something like the "qm" utility perhaps? I need to be able to script setting it up, but it can't be a manual procedure.
  5. Cloud-init userdata support?

    Ok, so if anone else is searching it's in .. Looks like there are several threads actually. I'll give that a read.
  6. Cloud-init userdata support?

    Are you able to find it and do you know if it will make it in the stable product? The list archives do not have search functionality...
  7. Cloud-init userdata support?

    Hi, I notice cloud-init supports passwords and ssh keys with Linux guests, but no userdata. When will userdata become available? Regards, Lucian
  8. Replication with QCOW2 files

    Thanks. So, in short, use ZFS if you want to use the replication feature.
  9. Replication with QCOW2 files

    Understood. Do you know how long the wait for having replication for thin/lvm?
  10. qm importdisk, just sits there

    apt-get install stress
  11. qm importdisk, just sits there

    The fact that the machine rebooted on its own is not good. Either RAM or PSU problems... I would leave it a while running a tool such as "stress" before production, make sure it doesn't succumb to high CPU or RAM usage.
  12. qm importdisk, just sits there

    Try to convert the vdi on the virtualbox side, using their tools, then import the raw file. It's possible qemu vdi support is not so good.
  13. qm importdisk, just sits there

    Try to put a -p after convert, to show progress indicator, ie: qemu-img convert -p -f vdi -O raw clone.vdi windows.img
  14. Sharing A USB WIth Multiple Virtual Machines At Once

    If your VMs are Linux, then NFS would arguably be the easier route to take. If Windows samba would be easier, but both protocols would work eventually, regardless of OS.


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