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  1. Proxmox VE Ceph Benchmark 2020/09 - hyper-converged with NVMe

    Before any other test I read again your benchmark to optimize bios settings. Copy/paste error from putty to notepad. Using psync results are a little lower (less then 5%) No cache effect with 600 seconds, bandwidth and iops are stable from start to end of fio test. I noticed growing bandwidth...
  2. Proxmox VE Ceph Benchmark 2020/09 - hyper-converged with NVMe

    I'm building a similar cluster but with this hardware: -6x Dell PowerEdge R6515 with AMD EPYC 7402P 24-Core Processor -1 boss card with 2 m.2 240gb Raid1 for OS per host -4 disks Kingston DC1000M U.2 7,68Tb per host -8x Kingston KTD-PE432/64GRam 3200Mhz -6 10Gbps sfp+ per hosts (1 Broadcom Adv...
  3. USB Passthrough to VM not working

    I solved my usb problems and headache first with: anywhereusb then with: virtualhere (cheaper and stable) I never found usb dongle or peripherals not working on them. If you choose those...
  4. Web UI not listening on all interfaces

    Attach your "/etc/network/interfaces", the output of "netstat -na" and "route -n" (remove public ip addresses) You can tell proxmox on wich interface not listen using firewall from web ui
  5. PfSense and VLANs disappear

    I've a 3 nodes cluster with 60 pfsense and 60 vlan with other vm. Every pfsense has 1 lan (virtio) 1 opt (virtio) and 1 wan (e1000 to internet). This configuration is needed cause of backup run on opt network. Still everyday one or two pfsense lost connection to every network (lan,wan,opt)...
  6. corosync prioritization

    Goodbye. Cancella gli explain how?
  7. corosync prioritization

    vlan? Usually switches support vlan priority
  8. [SOLVED] Lost all networking, unsure of how to fix.

    attach file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules please
  9. [SOLVED] Lost all networking, unsure of how to fix.

    adding "auto eno1" before "iface eno1 inet manual" should solve your problem Take a look to attachment. After this modify /etc/hosts to adjust it if ip is changed
  10. Mtu on gui

    As subject, I think to have mtu parameters on Gui can help a lot of users to solve performance problems with network storage. I've separated networks with differents mtu to SAN (7980), backup storage (9000), internet (1500).
  11. Thanks

    Storage Stats are "wrong" because I use a 20Tb ssd san (iscsi mpath) and a 30 Tb sata server (nfs with multiple mount point) on the same disk
  12. PVE 5 HA cluster with iSCSI multipath shared storage

    I solved all my latency/bottleneck problems with: -4 10gb nic on san -4 10gb nic on every proxmox (1 bond with 2 nic for communication with san and 1 bond with 2 nic for cluster/vm networking/backup) -2 1gb nic on every proxmox (1 bond for traffic to internet) We use 2 10gb switch and 2 1gb...
  13. CIFS mount in /etc/fstab will not auto-mount upon restart

    Depending on your nas model, have you evaluated using the nfs service?
  14. Thanks

    Maybe offtopic, but take a look to my installation :)


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