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  1. Recover zpool ( insufficient replicas / corrupted data )

    The missing indentation for sdd and sdc is very obscure!
  2. Recover zpool ( insufficient replicas / corrupted data )

    This sounds like sdd and sdc were not added as a mirror device, instead as single devices - really a bad setup So there is no chance, the data is dead meat at is spread over all vdev's
  3. Cannot create CEPH Pool with min_size=1 or min_size > 2

    every Documentation of CEPH tells you cleanly why min_size 1 is a very bad idea, keep your fingers from it. min_size 2 and size 3 is fine!
  4. Size on ZFS does not match to VM?

    it depends heavily on the Windows Version, any version before Server 2012 or 8 does not support the scsi Unmap command Also it does not clean up immediately, you should also look for this: fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify If the parameter is set to "1" trim/unmap is disabled and...
  5. Size on ZFS does not match to VM?

    if you move with P2V the empty blocks are copied over too. You should probably set "discard" in the disk definition, so you can regain the zero blocks. But be aware: this works only with Windows 10 or 2012 up Windows 7/2008R2 only support discard with ATA not with SCSI
  6. 3x proxmox node with ceph: how to allow single node mode? Or 2 node needed for ceph at least?

    Do not run CEPH with just 1 node it is not and was never intended for such a use. CEPH needs at least 3 Nodes with OSD's. No exception
  7. ZFS RAIDZ2 : how to add another disk for extend zpool space ?

    if you want to extend a RaidZ2, you have to extend it by a same size VDEV. So with 4 * 1TByte RaidZ2 you have to add again a VDEV with 4 * TByte. But: Z2 means 2 drives for redundancy. From a capacity point of view it is not better than 2 Mirror VDEV's Z2 makes sense for high capacity with at...
  8. Proxmox Supporting Ceph

    it is supported very fine. the management is simple. I run 4 Clusters each with CEPH As you are versed in CEPH you should know what to do to get it running fast. Just keep off the fingers from rotating disks and use a fast backend network >= 10 GBit/sec
  9. New All flash Ceph Cluster

    I do not understand why you want a separate Journal for a full flash deployment. if your journal SSD fails you loose immediately all 6 OSD's depending on it. Also the write load on the journal will be 6 times the OSD's compare: 0.8 DWPD to 3 DWDP -> so if you are really hitting the DWDP Limit...
  10. corosync not running, file /etc/pve/corosync.conf impossible write

    Sorry, just hit the post button to early, now here the relevant information: Write Configuration When Not Quorate If you need to change /etc/pve/corosync.conf on an node with no quorum, and you know what you do, use: pvecm expected 1 This sets the expected vote count to 1 and makes the cluster...
  11. corosync not running, file /etc/pve/corosync.conf impossible write

    Look here: the relevant part for you:
  12. PVE 6.1 (ZFS setup) keep killing disks

    Very curious, we have many disks of different types and vendors running with ZFS since years (RaidZ2 and Mirror). Of course we see disks passing away, but with normally expected rates ( usually < 1 per month out of around 500 disks ). So I bet your hoster has just no luck with these disks.
  13. pvestatd often reports storage offline with CIFS

    Hi I do have the same problem. i have to edit /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ Making the timeout, or configurable would be a greate plea !
  14. Bond/bridge questions

    It depends heavily on the switch you use. With an dumb switch there is just Active/passive possible (anything else will not work reliable). you need a managed switch on which you can setup LACG groups (or you can setup a full mesh with direct connections, openvswitch can do that) _but_ don't...


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