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  1. [SOLVED] Moved hard drive to new computer case and new motherboard and now ethernet not working!

    YES IT WORKS!!! THIS! Totally didn't see that! I only changed the iface enp6s0 inet manual, but after changing the bridge-ports and reboot, I finally have internet again. Thank you!!!
  2. [SOLVED] Moved hard drive to new computer case and new motherboard and now ethernet not working!

    What do you mean? There was only one enp6s0 interface to update in the /etc/network/interfaces file I don't believe so, ip addr shows all the interfaces including the vmbr0 which has my previous ip showing No it's a pretty old Motherboard...
  3. [SOLVED] Moved hard drive to new computer case and new motherboard and now ethernet not working!

    Hi, So I can't get any internet connection after moving my hdd (that has the proxmox OS installed) into a new computer case and now I have no internet connection. I tried editing the /etc/network/interfaces file to match the new ethernet id (enp4s0 --> enp6s0) and after rebooting, it still...
  4. System broke after power outtage

    Situation My proxmox (v. 7.1-4) was running last night and the power cutoff while it was on and VM's were running. Problems Upon restarting my machine, only the VM's without GPU passthrough turned on, while the VM's with GPU passthrough does not turn on. The error code related to this says...
  5. 1 server, 3 GPU's - is it possible?

    @leesteken With my motherboard and CPU spec above, is it possible to have a second dedicated GPU to use for a VM? It's main purpose would be fore video decoding. There is an available x16 slot capable of running in x2 mode, which for video decoding should be fine right?
  6. 1 server, 3 GPU's - is it possible?

    I've been able to pass through the descrete GPU before, but the new challenge is passing in the integrated graphics from the CPU to a VM. I believe it's possible with intel CPU's, so I was hoping it would be possible for AMD's as well. I'm just waiting / needing for guidance on that. There is...
  7. 1 server, 3 GPU's - is it possible?

    OK, so currently I have 2 GPU's: 1 NVIDIA GTX 1070 1 AMD Ryzen 5700G (APU w/ integrated graphics). *** I want to be able to pass the integrated graphics from the AMD CPU to a VM so that VM has access to hardware acceleration. *** The NVIDIA GPU is already being passed through to another...
  8. How to expand a VM storage across multiple HDD?

    Well it's the one VM that currently sits on that one HDD. Also I believe the underlying tech is LVM. Follow up question though: If I use two HDD for the one VM (with RAID 0) and one of the HDD fails, is the other (working) HDD data still accessible (perhaps not accessible by the VM itself, but...
  9. How to expand a VM storage across multiple HDD?

    Hi, I currently have a VM with its storage attached to one HDD. It's now running out of space. I would like to add another HDD, so how can I expand the VM to have it's storage across these two HDDs? Thanks!
  10. Unable to login via GUI after power outage?

    Update: SOLVED Background: My datacenter has 2 physical proxmox has 2 nodes. One of the nodes (NOT the one I was trying to login to) had no ethernet connection. After resolving the second node's ethernet connection, the first node can now login.
  11. Unable to login via GUI after power outage?

    Just had a power outage on my server, and now I can't login via the GUI after machine reboot. I keep getting the `Login failed. Please try again` message. I've tried both `Linux PAM standard authentication` and `Proxmox VE authentication server` login methods. I can still login via SSH though...
  12. VM Fails to start: "Failed to start Boot0001 "UEFI QEMU DVD-ROM"" - GPU Passthrough VM Config Setup

    [SOLUTION] So I re-created the VM from scratch using those machine config values below right away, and it seems to have worked! Whereas the error below occured because I originally created the Windows VM as usual (using seaBios, KVM CPU etc...) and then I tried changing those to the values...
  13. HELP: Failed to start Boot0001 "UEFI QEMU DVD-ROM" Time out

    @dmayle @relaydenied @Kamotz Was there anything else to configure? I'm running into the exact same issue, but I've already disabled 'secure boot' in the VM but still running into the issue.
  14. Machine doesn't boot up when GPU is installed.

    AHA! That seems to fix it! I'm able to connect to the admin GUI now and access the internet. Now I can continue setting up the GPU for PCI pass through. Thank you so much for your help getting my network back up, and for the Grub command lines!! :D I have honestly no idea what each of those...


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