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  1. Unable to login via GUI after power outage?

    Update: SOLVED Background: My datacenter has 2 physical proxmox has 2 nodes. One of the nodes (NOT the one I was trying to login to) had no ethernet connection. After resolving the second node's ethernet connection, the first node can now login.
  2. Unable to login via GUI after power outage?

    Just had a power outage on my server, and now I can't login via the GUI after machine reboot. I keep getting the `Login failed. Please try again` message. I've tried both `Linux PAM standard authentication` and `Proxmox VE authentication server` login methods. I can still login via SSH though...
  3. VM Fails to start: "Failed to start Boot0001 "UEFI QEMU DVD-ROM"" - GPU Passthrough VM Config Setup

    [SOLUTION] So I re-created the VM from scratch using those machine config values below right away, and it seems to have worked! Whereas the error below occured because I originally created the Windows VM as usual (using seaBios, KVM CPU etc...) and then I tried changing those to the values...
  4. HELP: Failed to start Boot0001 "UEFI QEMU DVD-ROM" Time out

    @dmayle @relaydenied @Kamotz Was there anything else to configure? I'm running into the exact same issue, but I've already disabled 'secure boot' in the VM but still running into the issue.
  5. Machine doesn't boot up when GPU is installed.

    AHA! That seems to fix it! I'm able to connect to the admin GUI now and access the internet. Now I can continue setting up the GPU for PCI pass through. Thank you so much for your help getting my network back up, and for the Grub command lines!! :D I have honestly no idea what each of those...
  6. Machine doesn't boot up when GPU is installed.

    My home router is fine, as I'm still able to access internet on my other devices. The Proxmox host just isn't getting any internet connection. Running # systemctl status sshd shows it is active, but I can't ssh into it from my laptop. Does the ERROR: cfs-lock 'file-jobs_cfg' error: no quorum...
  7. Machine doesn't boot up when GPU is installed.

    Hi @avw, thanks for your help! I'm still not getting internet connection (after setting GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" (and leaving all the other commands above as is). The error from 'syslog' shows the following:
  8. Machine doesn't boot up when GPU is installed.

    [SOLVED]: Thanks to @avw: Updating the /etc/network/interface network device to match the system, I'm finally able to get internet connection again and access the web GUI interface! [HALF-SOLVED UPDATE 1]: I've updated my UEFI settings in IO Ports --> Integrated Graphics: Forces, and Initial...
  9. How to get audio working via VNC to windows 10 VM?

    I have a windows 10 VM running VNC. On my client (linux), i'm using Remmina to connect. How do I get audio to work? Thanks!
  10. Does adding a GPU to windows 10 VM decrease VNC / RDP frames-per-second lag?

    Since windows 10 home disabled RDP :'( i was wondering how else to get smooth gaming performance inside the windows VM. By adding a GPU to the VM, would that increase the FPS connection for smoother gaming? What other remote desktop protocols is best for gaming from a linux host to the windows...
  11. Is it possible to establish VNC connection from the host to a VM?

    So I was thinking about installing a desktop environment on the host following this guide, and I'm wondering if it's possible to establish a VNC or some other type of connection into a VM from the host (not through the browser gui)? And if it is, is this the fastest connection to and from a VM...
  12. Are my hardware components listed here compatible with running proxmox?

    With non-ECC Ram, would LVM-thin prevent a system wide fs corruption like zfs (I'm assuming LVM-thin is based on ext4?) ? I had to go with non-ECC Ram because the price for the Ryzen 5700G was only $30 more, than say a 5600x, but if I went with the 5600x, the only cheap dGPU I could find are...
  13. Are my hardware components listed here compatible with running proxmox?

    Yeah it's for home application usages, like Nextcloud, Plex movie server etc. So a little downtime should be fine with me. Also thanks for the tip on 'smartctl', never heard of it but definitely something I'll look into!
  14. Are my hardware components listed here compatible with running proxmox?

    Thanks for the feedback! I was planning on using the SSD as the main host, and the HDD where all the VM backups would be put. In case the SSD fails, my plan is to do a fresh-install of proxmox on it, and recover the VM's and their data from the HDD. Is this still a reliable strategy? (Also...


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