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  1. FreeBSD guests are challenging

    the problem is most definitely with the disk for OPNSense i'm yet to figure out what exactly, for now i choose IDE with SSD emulation because it appears the only stable option.
  2. FreeBSD guests are challenging

    After the prior post on FreeBSD (OPNSense and FreeNAS) failing to boot due to hotplug being enabled there remain issues. Both install just fine and boot just fine. It is only after a while they become unresponsive. I have yet to find an indication or metric to watch to understand what is going...
  3. [SOLVED] FreeBSD guests boot fail

    update: somehow i assumed enabling hotplug had little effect, disabling at least appears to solve all boot issues. I leave this dumb post here for future references and testimony it had been a long day already.
  4. [SOLVED] FreeBSD guests boot fail

    initially my experience with Proxmox 6 was rather disturbing, eventually i resolved what caused these issues and proxmox works well for me now. Recently (yeah) though i took on myself to install FreeNAS and OPNSense which are FreeBSD based and both behave "weird". The vm config i use can be...
  5. VM will not restart w/out rebooting host

    My guess is it is really not suitable or interesting for production. It requires maintaining an entire kernel. If someone out there rebuilds the kernel with this patch, offers its as an APT repository, it's fixed.
  6. GPU PCIe Passthrough stopped working after update

    Not sure what the big difference between 6.1 and 6.2 could be but kernel version and related modules. What is important is you understand your system. The many reported configuration parameters do not work or are required for all systems. I doubt gpu passtrhough would have worked out of the box...
  7. [SOLVED] Is this a reliable forum ?

    Dear, Having found which does use the official proxmox logo i wonder if it is in any way a viable and reliable alternate support channel ? Best Regards, Joris
  8. The martians keep on comming

    I see the relevant packages, what does not makes sense is why they keep on being logged by the host and containers despite being disabled for logging everywhere
  9. The martians keep on comming

    Despite both the host and lxc having all sysctl keys for martians set to =0 the dmesg output for both host and lxc show repeat martian notifications followed by ll header ... I do not understand where these keep on comming from or how to investigate more in depth. Br, Joris
  10. [SOLVED] Fastest display client

    Call me old fashion, i come from a time people rarely ever rebooted a machine. Solved after a reboot. Quite the read to learn i need to install 2 packages, start it and reboot. Works fine now, thanks.
  11. [SOLVED] Fastest display client

    Also, with NoVNC and SPICE not supporting copy past, how do i do this ?
  12. [SOLVED] Fastest display client

    Ah, thanks for reminding me of Looking Glass, looks incredibly interesting. This brings me closer again to consider working on a Desktop-Server specific variant of ProxMox. Lazyas i am i though sharing it here may be of use.
  13. [SOLVED] Fastest display client

    Hey, Looking to do some occassional gaming and other GPU intensive tasks on a VM (yes, you read that right) i wondered what is the best way to get maximum performance, hence minimum lag. At one point i had the GPU output on a monitor connected to the server, which was pretty neat. But i believe...
  14. Convert privileged to unprivileged container

    Amazing to learn community members actually help people with simple procedures.


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