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  1. [SOLVED] Datastore backup without remote PBS

    somehow I got it working. Wasn't sure exactly sure, but these are the settings I put in fstab nfs rw,async,soft,intr,noexec 0 0
  2. [SOLVED] Datastore backup without remote PBS

    Hello @keeka I think I need to figure out what permission issues are happening. When you say restart the service which ones needs to be restarted? I managed to mount the NFS and create a store just like you mentioned, but when I go to access it in the GUI it shows an error Bad Reques (400)...
  3. [SOLVED] Datastore backup without remote PBS

    Thanks @keeka I was able to figure out the localhost one. I'm sure it would work the same for a USB drive. However, now that you mention it. I have had some difficulty adding an NFS mount. I did add NFS in the fstab, since I have an rsync cronjob running to backup my PBS Datastore regularly...
  4. [SOLVED] Datastore backup without remote PBS

    How was this setup? I'd like to do this too.
  5. Migrate backup to another datastore

    Did you find out how to do this? I want to separate my datastores and VMS so each set of backups goes to a different datastore. Initially I backed them all up to the same store but I want them on two different stores on the same PBS Server. Thanks.
  6. [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Remote Sync Error

    @fabian I'm going to post this on here, How would I move VM backups from one datastore to another datastore in the same PBS Server? I understand if it's just moving backups within the same store it will share the chunks. What would be the best way to move or copy from one datastore to the...
  7. Migrate backup to another datastore

    Are these datastores within the same PBS server? I'd be interested in this as well. I know we can copy from within the same store, but I want to copy to a different store in order to split up my backups and run GC and prunes on each store independently. Thank you. @Toranaga How are you syncing...
  8. Migrate a virtual disk with a datastore from one PBS to another

    Hello @Nozalu If I understand correctly. You have PBS001 setup in your PVE and you have setup a PBS002 on the same PVE. On PBS001 the datastore is on a separate virtual disk. Correct? Can you attach that virtual disk to PBS002? I think the disk can be detached from PBS001 and then renamed. I did...
  9. Transfer PBS (in proxmox VM) to another proxmox with datastore transfer

    I found if you are able to attach your second drive 1TB to the same computer as your 4xHDD, the transfer will be a lot faster. For me, I had to build a new remote server. I'd have to rsync it over ssh, or zfs send and receive. Instead I chose to use the remote sync feature built in to the PBS...
  10. Transfer PBS (in proxmox VM) to another proxmox with datastore transfer

    Hello @cryonie If I understand correctly, you have PBS running as VM in a Proxmox VE machine. The 4HDD Drives are configured to passthrough to the PBS VM as datastores? Do you have a way to rsync the datastore from the 4HDDs presently to the 1 TB Disk which you will connect to the new PBS VM...
  11. [SOLVED] PBS Root Disk Full can't sync, backup or run garbage collection.

    Hello @datschlatscher I have proxmox backup server running at another place without a separate root drive. The Data and the OS are on the same drive. I think atleast with ZFS there is an ability to set quota.
  12. [SOLVED] PBS Root Disk Full can't sync, backup or run garbage collection.

    Any recommendations on which files to delete to free up space? This occurred with with a new remote which was supposed to be my remote backup server but became full. I ran garbage collection several times, but I need to wait 24 hours and 5 minutes for it to free up? Any help would be much...
  13. [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Remote Sync Error

    @fabian or anybody knowledgeable about this. Is it possible to sync with two sources to the same location? Local site A1, Remote site A2 and Remote site A3. Will one complete the uncompleted syncs of the other or will it cause trouble? Or what would be the best setup? A2 is offsite location. A3...
  14. proxmox on arm64

    @bingsin Thanks. Not sure if we're supposed to use our public IP as the static or the internal VCN one like 10.xx.xx.xx Have you had success? I tried the public one, but I could be entering the information incorrectly. For my gateway I entered corresponding to my public IP gateway


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