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  1. inet_interfaces for cluster

    Hi, How do i change inet_interfaces from postfix (/etc/pmg/templates/ ? If i change postfix config from master server inet_interfaces =, xx.xx.xx.xx (some IP), it will change it to slaves too. In this case, I need to change inet_interfaces config for master only and use...
  2. New install, how to mount existing disks ?

    Hi, i did a fresh install to disk sda and now i need to mount existing disks, vm images in sdb and backups in sdc ?
  3. [TUTORIAL] Advancing Proxmox Mail Gateway (especially Spam and Virus Detection)

    Hi for you all, What do you think about F-Secure Linux Security, is it possible to use to this ? Here is what i have in my mind
  4. [TUTORIAL] How-To -- Lets Encrypt and PMG

    Thanks for this one Here is what i use to put new hash from cert per server: #!/bin/bash HASH="$(openssl x509 -in /etc/pmg/pmg-api.pem -noout -fingerprint -sha256 | cut -d'=' -f2)" sed -i "0,/fingerprint/{s/.*fingerprint.*/ fingerprint ${HASH}/}" /etc/pmg/cluster.conf It works on nodes...
  5. node side postfix behavior

    Hi, yes i edit templates in /etc/pmg/templates folder This is what i've noticed if the line "mynetworks = [% postfix.mynetworks %]" is in original state in template file and there is no any trusted networks added. Result: master: /etc/postfix/ file mynetworks =
  6. node side postfix behavior

    Hi, it was this line in template file: mynetworks = [% postfix.mynetworks %] It forced both master and node side servers to use their own IP:s + my trusted networks from the gui so the loop was ready as there where difference in that file What i did was that i removed my...
  7. node side postfix behavior

    okay, i removed my trusted networks and the problem is gone, weird ?
  8. node side postfix behavior

    I compared those files and only these lines are differend myhostname = mynetworks =
  9. node side postfix behavior

    ok, but i'm not changing a bit, but i checked postfix files and noticed this one master: Mar 6 22:05 node: Mar 7 07:31 node is updating that file for some reason
  10. node side postfix behavior

    and from the master and node side at the same time (IP and key "removed" from this post) node mgw02 Mar 06 21:08:42 mgw02 pmgmirror[958]: starting cluster syncronization Mar 06 21:08:45 mgw02 systemd[1]: Stopping Postfix Mail Transport Agent (instance -)... Mar 06 21:08:45 mgw02...
  11. node side postfix behavior

    This is what i've found from journalctl, it seems that postfix is terminating right after cluster sync is starting Mar 06 20:30:38 mgw02 pmgmirror[958]: starting cluster syncronization Mar 06 20:30:41 mgw02 systemd[1]: Stopping Postfix Mail Transport Agent (instance -)... Mar 06 20:32:38 mgw02...
  12. node side postfix behavior

    syslog is fine, i think Mar 6 15:36:06 mgw02 pmgmirror[901]: starting cluster syncronization Mar 6 15:36:10 mgw02 pmgmirror[901]: cluster syncronization finished (0 errors, 3.15 seconds (files 0.22, database 2.67, config 0.26)) Mar 6 15:36:34 mgw02 pmgpolicy[902]: starting policy database...
  13. node side postfix behavior

    Hi, Is it normal that node side postfix is restarting about every 2-3 minutes ? Mar 6 15:36:09 mgw02 postfix/postfix-script[8667]: stopping the Postfix mail system Mar 6 15:36:09 mgw02 postfix/master[8606]: terminating on signal 15 Mar 6 15:36:10 mgw02 postfix/postfix-script[8827]: starting...


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