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  1. Unable to activate storage - SMB

    It seems that my problem was with TrueNAS or VLAN and Proxmox, I still haven't found exactly who is to blame. My problem was that I tried to connect when the SMB sharing was on a subnet different from that of the Proxmox and although Proxmox's had access to it it still did not work. And this...
  2. Unable to activate storage - SMB

    Hi everyone I have a problem with my Proxmox host. I needed to change the SMB IP share So I went to /etc/pve/storage.cfg and changed the address, since then only problems... It seems that the share connects and then immediately disconnects. So because of this I just completely deleted the...
  3. [SOLVED] Email alerts do not work!

    Thanks!! Just what I needed! Everything seems to be working now
  4. [SOLVED] Email alerts do not work!

    Anyone know how to solve this? Email alerts are something important so if anyone knows I would love to resolve this as soon as possible.
  5. [SOLVED] Email alerts do not work!

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with email alerts from Proxmox. I tried to work according to several guides none of which helped / worked. Everyone gives the same instructions, I worked mostly according to this guide...
  6. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Before I buy the new board I will research it regarding PCI passthrough and virtualization Yes I tried to put in gaming VM fewer cores, I tried 2 cores and it didn't look nice at all... I went from 130 FPS to 25 FPS... I probably will not upgrade to i7 7700k, just will save for a new platform...
  7. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    That would be great but... other than just replacing the motherboard and processor and maybe adding RAM. I'll have to buy a case, power supply, CPU cooling and etc. And here I am just replacing only the motherboard and processor, and in the future new GPUs. And I also planned to use this...
  8. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Ok, so give 6 cores to gaming VM but instead of giving only 3 cores to MacOS VM because it will be for everyday use I do not want anything less than 4 cores, so I thought maybe 6 cores for gaming VM and MacOS 4 cores and Proxmox still has 2 cores. I understand that I also consider threads as...
  9. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Ok, first of all thank you so much for all the help and for making me understand what the problem is. So it seems I can not currently do what I want as I want, because I have to upgrade the hardware first to the processor with more cores. Right now the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X looks really good, put 6...
  10. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Ok, so after I fix this whole performance and core issue, I'll try to reinstall Windows with SCSI. Yes, the MacOS VM will not do too much when I use the Windows VM. I'll now check it out, and see if it matters at all. Thanks for all the help.
  11. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Ok, thanks for all the explanations. So the correct settings is basically to give each VMs 2 cores? Or is that not good either, because you said that proxmox needs at least a core for it, so basically give one VM 2 cores and the other one core right? I thought thats what you say, Windows uses...
  12. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not really planning on adding any more VMs or CT until I increase the RAM, that's also why I gave it my all for these two VMs. In Windows VM I have the balloon service active and working I see it reports correctly to Proxmox the amount of RAM used. But I really...
  13. [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Hi, I've been trying for a few months to make this work properly and I'm so close but now I have the biggest problem of all Poor performance! So, what I'm trying to do is one Windows VM for games And one more VM for everyday use that MacOS is on and I connect via Parsec to the Windows VM...
  14. Help changing the vendor ID

    Hi, I need help to change the vendor id to something else while I pass my PCI NVME to the VM and change the vendor id only for this device and only in this VM. I mean it must only be in the config of this VM. What do I need to add/change to make it happen? Thanks in advance Itay
  15. Shutdown proxmox on VM shutdown?

    Were you able to do that?


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