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  1. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    Thank you. Ok so I created a new Ceph Pool. And I'm busy migrating everything to the other pool instead of rebuilding & resyncing. Only problem now (Potential Problem), Is in Proxmox I am only seeing the first Ceph Pool under Node->Ceph->OSD's is that normal?
  2. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    What I meant was should those 2 be on the same IP range? I thought they should be seperate?
  3. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    on which range should the mon's be created though? The public or cluster range?
  4. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    It is spinners for the moment yes. SSD's this side are CRAZY expensive. THe 3 are intented to be used to start a new ceph array but I'll need to move them bit by bit since there is also the issue of space, we're a bit limited a.t.m The HW is setup as 3 Server Nodes each running an EMC2 machine...
  5. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    I have removed 3 of the osd's to start migrating data over. and we're adding 6 more this afternoon so we have enough room to start moving the data. ceph -s cluster: id: 248fab2c-bd08-43fb-a562-08144c019785 health: HEALTH_WARN 1 pool(s) have no replicas configured...
  6. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    I know... Hence my fear.... The problem is that they all go offline. And take way too long to come online. A couple minutes is one thing. but hour's is a problem since client's need to be able to access their data? Which is why I'm looking for a work-around that keeps the data accessible...
  7. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    What config options would you like to know? I'll send them through :)
  8. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    Will send the details through as soon as I'm at the office. In the meantime though. I do have 1 question. When I try and change the cluster to 2/1 (to incrementally increase it and eventually end up at 3/2) the entire cluster immediately stops being able to read and write... It just says all...
  9. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    Oddly enough I just noticed that if I set my cluster replication to 1/2 instead of 1/1 then all the pg's become unavailable. I had to set it to 1/1 since it was the only way to get the cluster usable... Any idea of what might be causing this behaviour? I'm very worried about the data's safety...
  10. Ceph Sync makes proxmox VM's Unusable

    Hey Guys, Ok so I have 3 Nodes in my cluster with about 50TB storage and 20TB used. When my ceph starts recovering like now when we have a failed drive, all the VM's load jumps in the 100's and they become close to unusable. I have configured my proxmox as follows: 1 IP range for live...
  11. Expand Storage

    Ok... So it's gonna take some getting used to... THanks guys :). Will attempt at learning a bit :)
  12. Expand Storage

    The expansion issue is just a bit of a problem? Unless I'm missing something? What would be the best way to make my proxmox backup disk expandable using ZFS, let's say i've got 4 drives now, and want to add 1 tomorrow (or maybe 2)? Maybe I'm just missing something about ZFS?
  13. Expand Storage

    Does it not make more sense to then rather use normal Software raid rather? RaidZ then feels extremely unscalable?...
  14. Expand Storage

    Hey Guys, Ok so following some guides I setup a ZFS storage array on RaidZ1... I started out with 6TB since I wanted to check how it works... But now I've got a problem. I can't find any documentation on expanding the storage? Can someone please advise how to safely add more disks? I'm...
  15. Backup Size Reporting

    Hey GUys, The reason behind it is simple... I'd like to be able to see how much disk space us used per server to keep x number of retentions. Spesifically server's that don't change much, but do take up a lot of space... It's more for planning purposes than anything else...


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