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  1. LXC (Ubuntu/Debian) with systemd-resolved's /etc/resolv.conf and adding DNS info?

    Good day, I got the need to fix the DNS query flooding and to deploy systemd-resolved, BUT that means I need to find a different way to inject the LXC's search domains and DNS server. I know what I all have to modify/change, but before I go on that endeavour, I'm wondering what others are...
  2. Proxmox VE 7.2 released!

    I need to add the correction there: *IF* you use OpenV-Switch *NO* You must be doing that from a console, and expect to reboot as that is the easier way to get the system and the VM/LXCs connected back to the OpenVswitch bridge(s). Sorry, I get bitten by this every time when I tried this...
  3. [7.1][OVH][NETPLAN]No network into LXC containers

    Using the OLA (Which I believe might be similar for Scale... I wish I had a client willing to pay for a proxmox cluster with scale server) I use OpenVSwitch with the LACP bond to get a bridge setup. That set, I'm only connecting the OLA/OpenVSwitch bridges to the VRack. On the Internet/Public...
  4. [SOLVED] ProxMox OpenVPN cannot connect

    Simple, you need to firstly understand IPTables, and then to also know the whole datacentre firewalling stuff (which I ignore like a bad turd as I do those on a FortiGate-VM) as you need to also allow the correct INCOMING traffic to make the return traffic complete the connections - especially...
  5. AWS tape gateway? or something else?

    Well, for the deduplication to work, you need at least a backup as close to the current as possible, but the way I "simulate" the above, is to do frequent synchronizations, but then do a pruning of all the old ones I don't want on the remote. Also PBS will NOT sync previous old backups (ie, your...
  6. Is it Wise to Enable SR-IOV in my NICs for my Proxmox Use Cases?

    Q1: what is more important, testing/playing, or getting router/firewall up? Q2: do you need extra speed etc. to consider the SRV-IO etc.?
  7. AWS tape gateway? or something else?

    Using PBS in exactly this manner! actually 2 ways in my case 1 the local backup PBS (having the historical long term backups too) 2a DR DC (same provider) syncing from the local shorter term pruning 2b other side of the world on a different provider syncing also from the local, even more pruning...
  8. non-"threaded" listsnaphost view?

    I'll add `|egrep -i '[a-z]'` to remove the non-text lines ;) But yes, is an option, was just wondering about a less indented output of qm/pct given the "ascii art" I had to look at without the spaces in front
  9. non-"threaded" listsnaphost view?

    doing lots of snapshots (And yes, it would've shortened a recovery for me if there wasn't a problem with pmxcfs causing the snapshots to not happen over this past weekend), and a listsnapshot output starts to degrade after a couple of lines and then after some more totally goes un-bad-aligned...
  10. Multiple Pools per backup job ?

    Either I'm doing something less "designed" or I'm the only one needing/asking for it, but is there a simple way to have multiple pools, selected for backup in the same backup job? The problem I keep getting hit by, is that if I have multiple pools on the same hypervisor /PVE tryoing to do...
  11. Anybody with a delete Backup Group script ?

    FYI commandline option I'll be using for NOW: for i in vm/10119 ct/70011 ct/70012 vm/10301 vm/10300 vm/30406 do proxmox-backup-client snapshot list $i | grep Z |\ awk '{print "proxmox-backup-client forget "$2}' | sh -x done
  12. Anybody with a delete Backup Group script ?

    /me notes he must get a pbs api tool sooner rather than later ;)
  13. Anybody with a delete Backup Group script ?

    <Obligatory don't do this at home warnings> I've moved/copied backups between datastores for separating their retention/synchronisation rates, and now I need to delete quite a number of backups groups in the various datastores, and well... the GUI doesn't work wonders for my finger tips (touch...
  14. Systemctl status 'degraded' in unprivileged container

    ... I so wish systemd won't be as intrusive as clients complains about this exact issue


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