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  1. Possible buggy postfix?

    Sadly, I used to test my gmail, and the test email come to inbox with fake gmail sender.
  2. Customize Tracking Center

    To capture the email subject, you can do 1. Edit /usr/bin/pmg-smtp-filter 2. Add to second line use PVE::Tools; 3. Find $self->log (3, "$queue->{logid}: new mail message-id=%s", $queue->{msgid}); Add bellow $self->log (3, "$queue->{logid}: Subject: %s"...
  3. Possible buggy postfix?

    I did the same test as sojic, and the same issue happened :(
  4. Display name spoofing emails From: "IT- Helpdesk" <>

    I think that you can increase spam score for HEADER_FROM_DIFFERENT_DOMAINS to higher for such cases.
  5. Internal SMTP blocking zip with password

    In my case, I just want to block the zip with password when user sending out. Is it make sense to apply such configuration? In log, I found there is line with Virus detected: Hueristics.Encrypted.7zip
  6. Internal SMTP blocking zip with password

    Hi all, I current use Promox as MTA, the email from mail server send out to Proxmox in Internal SMTP Port. Now I want to block the file send out with zip password. I found the setting "Block encrypted archives and documents" in Virus Detector but seems that it no affect to my current case. Is...
  7. Regex Rule

    Thanks, work like a charm
  8. Regex Rule

    Nice rule, could you pls to share the regex?
  9. How come phishing email can pass all

    Thanks for your information. I think that my problem is the fake mail from, so the email can pass all rule. I simulated the issue by command and successfully received inbox With the bellow command, email can send to with fake email telnet localhost 25 helo...
  10. How come phishing email can pass all

    That's why I posted the question to everyone. As thread subject, the email can pass all spam rule and delivered to mailbox.
  11. How come phishing email can pass all

    Yes I had, please find screenshot.
  12. How come phishing email can pass all

    Hi, I tried the phishing test with my email gateway, the phishing email successfully pass all spam check and delivered to user. It can fake the sender even spf required. Here is the log, can anybody have experience on? Mar 23 13:10:50 smgw2 postfix/postscreen[2270866]: CONNECT from...
  13. Google 's invitation was rejected

    Thx Stoiko, I will follow your suggestion. But it's so strange because I don't change anything in that rule. Let's me change then update.
  14. Google 's invitation was rejected

    Hi, I am too nood :) for the log showed "Block Dangerous Content", but don't know why the invitation has that blocked content. The user also send email to another gmail but no issue. Jan 20 14:58:25 proxmox1 postfix/smtpd[23310]: 2BC3E441317:[]...


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