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  1. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Long time no see. With June 12th updates (from TEST repo) I continued my tests. Very promising! And definitely usable better than without 3D acceleration. SPICE is working as expected with auto-resize feature, both with Xorg and Wayland. Still under SPICE, Xorg is faster than Wayland, but...
  2. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Ok I'm getting video memory errors, even when running noVNC, I guess I didn't apply the patches properly so I'll wait for the whole package to bump into pvetest.
  3. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Love your tests, @speatzle_ ! Tnx for the commits, I would never have found those alone. If they aren't pushed tonight in pvetest I will apply them and try SPICE. I am assuming SPICE will then show up in the Console drop-down list while still using video = virtio-virgl. I wonder if the amount...
  4. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Where are those commits located? The ones in the bugzilla don't seem to specify anything for SPICE. Also, have you tried benchmarking SPICE virgl vs noVNC virgl?
  5. virglrenderer for 3d support

    You're right Tom, Windows can be configured in a way that's it pretty fast and near real-machine performance so GPU acceleration has less benefits there. Sounds VERY promising on the SPICE implementation! That will be another huge step fwd. While it gets bumped, I kept on testing more...
  6. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Make total sense to me. This installs 30 packages, which again as said before it makes sense they are not installed by default. However another package is required: apt install libegl1 This will install the required librairies. And then it BOOTS!! :D FIRST IMPRESSIONS Good ones for...
  7. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Right so pve-qemu-kvm 6.2.0-5 with qemu-server 7.1.5! root@proxmox:~# qm set 101 --vga virtio-gl update VM 101: -vga virtio-gl Sounds good up to that point. I was wondering if I'd be missing something and yes I am. Starting the VM (which runs fine without the virtio-gl) fails with ()...
  8. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Well that was the dumbest Linux question I've asked in at least 10 years. loll The worst part is I have used qm command a couple of times but never crossed my mind there was a typo. loll You are certainly correct Tom, I am missing something cuz the output shows: root@proxmox:~# qm set 101...
  9. virglrenderer for 3d support

    You guys are awesome. I tried to follow but got lost easily. I know nothing about qemu, proxmox backend and required dependencies, I would require some guidance in order to test virgl. Actually it is not that obvious for me. I am running pve-qemu-kvm 6.2.0-4 from Test Repo. Then what? qemu set...
  10. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Tnx for confirming, Tom! :)
  11. virglrenderer for 3d support

    What does this commit mean, that instead of compiling pve-qemu with the diff, the source will already be available with the diff included and we will only need to compile it (no diff required)?
  12. virglrenderer for 3d support

    Hi @mapache , I found about this thread today and am following super tightly, as I'm the one logging in bugzilla #3849. In order to start the VM with args: -display egl-headless,gl=core -device virtio-vga-gl do you need to 1st compile pve-qemu with --enable-sdl --enable-virglrenderer...
  13. Are there any plans to support virgl?

    Actually I don't have that good eyes, as I am the one who opened the enhancement after searching for days and nights to make this work. :) And of course I landed here! I wanted to let you know the enhancement might help what you're looking for and also if you are willing you can upvote it and...
  14. Proxmox VM with Windows 10

    Hi @tomatopotatochilli , maybe this is what you're looking for?
  15. Running Sweet Home 3D on Windows 10 VM

    Hi @pratahsinnetamby , maybe this could help?


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