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    architecture and os type are not being set for LXC

    I received this as well, and it's super easy to miss the fact that the file is txz and not tgz. If you're going to supply default containers with txz, then you should either make xz-utils a dependency or make it really hard to miss the error that the tool to extract xz is not installed. This...
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    New 3.10.0 Kernel

    Yep, it looks as though the same holds for my sas2008i based server too. LVM initialization happens prior to first messages about sda. 'lvm vgchange -a y' brings all the volumes online. The fix for scsi users is to change the line in /etc/default/grub: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and add...
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    Proxmox VE 2.2 released!

    I notice that qemu-kvm is up to 1.2 now. Does that mean we can use guest agent now? I would really love a way to get the hostname that was defined for a windows VM and use that in a DHCP request.
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    Survey: Do you use KVM or OpenVZ, or both?

    The overriding reason to choose Proxmox is that it can combine a reliable container and VM capability in the same host. It allows me to get a density and resilience that I wouldn't be able to achieve otherwise in a small footprint. I cannot run Oracle in a VM due mainly to clock issues but it...
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    Adding AD users doesn't find users if logged in as AD user.

    I've been adding Active Directory based users into my system and have noticed that if I log into an AD user that's a member of a group with Administrator Role, then I cannot add more AD users (It can't find the user (500)). I have to log out and log back in as root@pam. Is this intentional? Faye
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    Proxmox VE 2.0 rc1 released!

    I've just successfully completed this process without apparent issue.
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    differences between IDE / VIRTIO / SCSI

    Basically, install as IDE, add drivers using the above link (basically add a second VIRTIO disk), check you can format the new disk, then go back and set your main disk to be VIRTIO. It's best then to take a snapshot and clone any future VMs from that. Proxmox doesn't appear to have tools to...
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    HA (live) migration of VM <- could this work?
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    network configuration

    For this configuration, your vmbr0 is not connected to any real network interface, so virtual machines cannot see the outside world. By adding eth0 to bridge ports, you will allow the bridge to talk to the outside world directly. If you setup bridge_ports eth0 in the example above (pretty sure...
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    set an ip-adress to a vm

    But to be clear, that will only set the address for a venet interface, These are not very useful if you have multiple interfaces on your box (one for VMs, one for console) because of the routing nightmare they can create. Traffic from a venet interface comes from the hypervisor, not the VM and...
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    How can i mount a Partition of a VM-LVM

    This is excellent. Any idea how to install grub on a VM image created this way? My goal is to use the same tar ball for VMs as containers. I struggled a lot and failed. There's probably a simple answer.
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    qcow2 templates from web frontend?

    It would be really great if you could build a library of qcow2 templates (in the same way you can tar.gz ones for CTs) which you then assign to VMs as a template and it creates the disk using -o backing_file=<template>. This would mean you can have an army of Windows boxes with little extra...
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    Libguestfs = CT->VM conversion?

    Has anyone looked into the possibility of migrating containers to VMs using something like libguestfs? If you found something couldn't run in a container, it might take you a while to spin up a VM to do the same thing, It'd be great to be able to leverage the templates you have to build VMs on...
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    CPU monitoring shows ok for each CPU, but not combined

    12:00:01 AM CPU %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle 12:10:01 AM all 0.43 0.00 0.07 0.00 0.00 99.50 12:10:01 AM 0 41.75 0.00 7.26 0.00 0.00 50.98 12:10:01 AM 1 38.50 0.00...
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    How do I create a "readonly" user?

    OK, so not easily then, how about pulling the graphs and exposing them via a different web interface? Where are the graphs generated?


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