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    ZFS: proxmox as fileserver vs freenas

    you can install OMV5 in LXC and service as File Server and it take take advance of zfs as well
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    [SOLVED] Zpool replaced 750GB to 3TB (still 750GB)

    zpool set autoexpand=on [pool name]
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    Using GlusterFS

    ceph is much better solution than glusterfs for backup storage
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    ZFS 0.8.4 crashes kernel

    This is very consistent with 3 of my servers they all have following error kernel: [985733.249586] CPU: 34 PID: 3981331 Comm: apparmor_parser Tainted: P D O 5.4.44-2-pve #1 kernel: [985733.248968] general protection fault: 0000 [#11] SMP NOPTI kernel: [985733.250225] Hardware name...
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    [SOLVED] move volume failed zfs to ceph

    problem solved... its zfs compression too effective cause the size difference between zfs and ceph thus rsync failed
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    [SOLVED] move volume failed zfs to ceph

    Hi All I don't understand this particular zfs dataset failed to migration to ceph where as all my other zfs dataset are capable of doing so /dev/rbd4 mke2fs 1.44.5 (15-Dec-2018) Discarding device blocks: 4096/78643200 done Creating filesystem with...
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    ZFS 0.8.4 crashes kernel

    Is anyone else experiencing following zfs crash error like me? it already happened to two of my pve nodes already Jun 10 15:14:40 pveLA01 kernel: [2306462.646839] Code: 75 0e 4d 89 f9 41 f6 47 0b 04 0f 84 f4 fe ff ff 4c 89 ff e8 1a f5 01 00 49 89 c1 e9 e4 fe ff ff 41 8b 41 20 49 8b 39 4c 01 d0...
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    NVIDIA GPU passtrough issues

    error 43 is nvidia driver detect it is in VM environment and refuse to work. below is my successful config and you need to have hdmi dummy plug in to your video card
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    CPU isolation

    nope... I can only use taskset
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    [SOLVED] Intel UHD P630 mdev passthrough to Windows 10 failed

    problem solved, you need to update to latest windows 10 in order to recognize the cpu/igp
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    [SOLVED] Intel UHD P630 mdev passthrough to Windows 10 failed

    I have a VM with following setting I am able to see the video controller device in Windows 10 Guest but I am not able to load video driver Below is pci device info How to make Intel UHD P630 mdev pass-through works with win10? The cpu I am using is Intel Xeon E-2278G CPU @ 3.40GHz...
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    Degraded Windows VM-Performance on SSD with Ceph-Cluster

    Your iperf is not fast enough... you need to enable jumbo frame for your 10GbE network. it should have network speed up to 9.6~9.8 gbps also your bonding mode is active backup... can you do a lacp bonding instead? you are using linux bridge to setup your vlan... your network config is really...
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    Degraded Windows VM-Performance on SSD with Ceph-Cluster

    what version of ceph is running? may I know the ssd model?
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    [SOLVED] Infiniband Device to LXC

    I solve my own problem For LXC.conf adds the following lxc.cgroup.devices.allow: a 231:* rwm lxc.cgroup.devices.allow: a 10:54 rwm lxc.cgroup.devices.allow: a 10:229 rwm lxc.autodev: 1 lxc.hook.autodev: /var/lib/lxc/302/ lxc.apparmor.profile: unconfined cgroup:rw...
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    [SOLVED] Infiniband Device to LXC

    Currently I am following the reference from


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