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  1. Can I get error Email notifications?

    Just a bit more info on this in case it highlights a problem in my configuration. I have set up an automatic zfs scrub with zfs-zed and succesfully get emails when it does its thing. So it's not email per se that's the problem. It's just that I'd also like to receive emails when Proxmox...
  2. Can I get error Email notifications?

    Hi, Is there a way to get Proxmox to send an email when it encounters an error? For example, one of my containers refused to start recently (it had run out of disk space). In the task list of the proxmox GUI, the task to start the container was highlighted in red and had an error description...
  3. [SOLVED] Ubuntu container won't restart

    Great! Silly error on my part. Thanks very much for solving it.
  4. [SOLVED] Ubuntu container won't restart

    Unfortunately it looks like the problem persists after apt full-upgrade and reboot of host. #pct start 115 run_buffer: 323 Script exited with status 1 lxc_init: 797 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "115" __lxc_start: 1896 Failed to initialize container "115" startup for container...
  5. [SOLVED] Ubuntu container won't restart

    Thanks for the fast response. The container used to boot at startup of the host. I've tried to start it from the GUI by selecting the container and clicking start at the top of the page. And I've tried pct start 115 from the command line of the host. I can't execute reboot at the moment...
  6. [SOLVED] Ubuntu container won't restart

    Hi, One of my four containers refuses to restart after a recent power outage. I'd be grateful of steps I can take to try to resolve it. I've tried issuing the command: lxc-start -n 115 -F -lDEBUG -o temp/lxc-115-2.log: Here's the output at the command line lxc-start: 115: conf.c: run_buffer...
  7. Can I ask an uid range not to be mapped in an unprivileged container

    OK. I think I'm starting to getting my head around this. Just in case anyone else comes across this in the same state of confusion that I was in, here are the notes I wrote to myself: I install FreeIPA on an unprivileged container. Unprivileged containers translate the uids and gids on the...
  8. Can I ask an uid range not to be mapped in an unprivileged container

    Hi @koalillo I think I'm trying to achieve what you've done. Just a bit confused. Did you configure the <VMID>.conf file and subuid subgid to keep the original ranges too? i.e. 0 100000 65536? Why not simply remove those and keep your new ranges?
  9. Authentication Failure Using FreeIPA LDAP

    Hi @bcisse Did you manage to get Proxmox server working with FreeIPA? I struggled with it months ago and gave up but really want to get it working.
  10. Basic drive configuration query (for casual home use)

    I'm going to install Proxmox as the hypervisor for my home server and I was wondering what the community would recommend as my drive configuration. I've decided to store my data on a bunch of spinning disks using BTRFS. But on what should I install Proxmox and my VMs and containers...


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