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  1. Port Forward LXC container

    network interface is container config is
  2. Port Forward LXC container

    I have 3 physical network interfaces in proxmox. 1st port is management, 2nd port LXC Both are connected to my router via 2 Ethernet cables. Router port-forward udp 1194 for but I can't connect to my VPN. Another VM bridge with management...
  3. Port Forward LXC container

    I enable both firewall and its rules to no avail. unfortunately I do not know how to make sense of tcpdump I have a VPN setup another VM which shares its network with the management interface, that vpn works fine
  4. Port Forward LXC container

    I have proxmox running on a PC with 3 network interfaces. 1st is used for management interface and 2nd is used for my LXC container. I created a VPN in LXC using PiVPN and forwarded port 1194 on my router. However openVPN gives an code 111 error. I tried adding firewall rules for the LXC...
  5. Firewall open VPNserver

    I have a Ubuntu VM running under proxmox. I want to use it as a VPN server and have my friends access it. I used the script from PiVPN to setup openVPN . Is there a way I can firewall the server so it can't access the rest of my network?
  6. [SOLVED] Proxmox using no subscription repo

    apparently so I removed it and now proxmox updates fine. Thanks
  7. [SOLVED] Proxmox using no subscription repo

    hmm now I get this W: GPG error: jessie InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C23AC7F49887F95A W: The repository ' jessie InRelease' is not signed. when...
  8. [SOLVED] Proxmox using no subscription repo

    I do not have a subscription to proxmox ve. I change my /etc/apt/sources.list. according to the wiki even when the file was saved, updating the proxmox through the web ui, proxmox still tries to use the enterprise repo and gives me a TASK ERROR: command 'apt-get update' failed: exit code 100
  9. pfSense cant see ubuntu VM?

    my internet speed increasing in one of the reasons why I want to switch to pfSense. 1Gbps used to cost from $400-500+ just 3 years ago but due to increasing competition now it is at $32 a month. heck even my ISP keep increasing my speed from 100 to 300 and reduce cost.Now I pay just SGD $29 for...
  10. pfSense cant see ubuntu VM?

    I quite sure my NIC and switch are gigabit. on my current asus router I can get 300+Mbps wan speeds tested from and steam downloads. Btw I live in Singapore internet speeds are much faster here, heck my ISP even offers 10Gbps speeds...
  11. pfSense cant see ubuntu VM?

    Hmm seems I made a mistake setting my DNS to pi-hole (running in the VM i cannot connect to) Anyway I have uninstalled that pfSense instance as AES-NI was not working and pfSense was performing extremely sluggishly. The 2nd installation went better however my WAN speed could not exceed...
  12. pfSense cant see ubuntu VM?

    I am not really sure how to describe my network so apologies for the poor description enp4s0 currently does both my proxmox ( and ubuntu VM ( while vmbr1 & vmbr2 (the Intel dual port PCI-e NIC) does pfSense LAN and WAN respectively. I created the ubuntu VM with vmbr0...
  13. pfSense cant see ubuntu VM?

    I have pfSense and ubuntu server running in proxmox both of them have their own physical interface (built in NIC for ubuntu and a dual Intel ethernet card for pfSense. After installing pfSense I cant access the ubuntu server from the web interface. Both pfSense and ubuntu are on the same subnet...
  14. [SOLVED] Network interface not responding?

    I reinstalled proxmox and the network cards work as expected
  15. [SOLVED] Network interface not responding?

    Hi I have proxmox 5.1 running on an old dell PC. Currently it is running 1 ubuntu VM and its working fine. however when I insert a Intel dual port NIC into the PCI-e slot, I can't login or ping the proxmox server anymore ( Ethernet is still connected to the build in Ethernet port) when I remove...


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