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  1. Backup not working for lxc containers.

    Thank you Alwin. I also found useful the following thread:
  2. Backup not working for lxc containers.

    I had a CT container until i made a backup and tried to restore it after a while. The container has disappeared during the restore process after the process has ended up with a fail message. How can i search for the backup file and restore the container (id 200) from cli?
  3. USB Passthrough to VM not working

    Once i had six working USB ports passed through the VM, but now i can't add more than five USB ports because "USB Device" from "Add" button is disabled. I'm wonder if this is a bug or a limitation feature in PVE 5.1-43.
  4. USB redirection with Spice

    I'm also interested in a similar topic. At says "To get USB redirection working on Windows clients, you need to install UsbDk".
  5. USB Passthrough to VM not working

    I had some issues with the host and the vm has broken (i don't know why...). I restored the vm with a snapshot, but now i can't use all USB ports as i did before, "usb5: host=4-2" is missing from config file. I tried to add again the missing port in vm's config file, but it doesn't work...
  6. USB Passthrough to VM not working

    I found that in "qm monitor", "info usbhost" reports different results for the same physical port, depending on the connected USB type device. For example, at the same physical port: -USB 2 device: qm> info usbhost Bus 3, Addr 9, Port 11, Speed 1.5 Mb/s Class 00: USB device xxxx:xxxx, USB...
  7. USB Passthrough to VM not working

    I have 4 USB ports assigned to a VM (Windows 10) as in the config file (1), Proxmox VE 5.1. All of them are working. Tested with USB keyboard and USB mouse. usb0 and usb1 are USB 2.0 ports. usb2 and usb3 are USB 3.0 ports. 1. File: "/etc/pve/qemu-server/100.conf": usb0: host=3-8 usb1...
  8. Nvidia GPU pass-through Win 8.1 works Win 10 not

    For me also seems to work, GPU passthrough tutorial/reference, excepting the case when the host refuse to boot completely when it seems to enter into an infinite loop. Edit: 1. If i boot the host with the monitor connected to GPU, even if the screen looks like in the picture and a small cursor...
  9. GPU passthrough tutorial/reference

    Finally, after a long time.. The GTX 1050 Ti seems to work with my VM. :) But, after a system shut down, at next boot time, Proxmox didn't finished to boot and seems to have entered into an infinite loop. I waited some time, but the system was hanged at "Starting The Proxmox VE cluster...
  10. External USB disk spindown problem since 5.0

    Thanks. With "dmesg | grep -i block" i got a very long list of entries like: [ 4670.941087] z_wr_iss(349): WRITE block 1497164472 on sdb2 (8 sectors) [ 4670.941088] z_wr_iss(348): WRITE block 1497164464 on sdb2 (8 sectors) [ 4670.941090] z_wr_iss(350): WRITE block 1497164472 on sda2 (8 sectors)...
  11. [SOLVED] NVIDIA single GPU Passthrough with Ryzen

    -From steps 1 (switch your BIOS mode to "Windows WHQL" to enable) and 2 (Install proxmox) i understand that the feature from 1 is part of the MB's BIOS. Am i right? I don't think i have such feature in my MB's BIOS.. What boot mode have you selected for your MB ([UEFI] / [LEGACY+UEFI])? -For...
  12. External USB disk spindown problem since 5.0

    My system has a similar behavior. At every ~5s the led activity is flashing and after that i can hear a different noisy sound coming from the hard drives, even if the system is in idle state (just with an active ssh session). I don't want to spin them down but it looks like these hard drives are...
  13. Nvidia GPU pass-through Win 8.1 works Win 10 not

    Do you have a clue why i have the following issue? GPU passthrough tutorial/reference Could you share the VM's config file? Do you use a vbios?
  14. GPU passthrough tutorial/reference

    I tried again but this time i can't see in use the vfio-pci driver, only if the following commands are executed after each restart: # modprobe vfio # modprobe vfio_pci # echo 10de 1c82 | tee /sys/bus/pci/drivers/vfio-pci/new_id 10de 1c82 # echo 10de 0fb9 | tee...
  15. Can't access GUI webpage

    The web interface has been restored and is working, but my NFS share has disappeared from network. I will check this. The web interface has been restored and is working. Thanks. # wget -O...


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