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  1. Permission Denied

    I did end up just reinstalling from scratch and it is fixed but am trying learn all I can.
  2. Permission Denied

    Thank you! if I need to edit a number inside the interfaces folder what command would I use?
  3. Permission Denied

    Very Frustrated. I am on a new install of proxmox previous attempt went great. I have not internet access so I am trying to get into the network files and keep getting permission denied. I am logged in under root. Any ideas? root@pve:~# /etc/network/interfaces -bash: /etc/network/interfaces...
  4. Ip address change permission denied

    I installed a new router at the house that will not allow me to set the static IP address what I originally had. I can see proxmox in my list of connections on my router but get access denied. With that said I cant reach the gui. I went to the command line and logged in as root as it looked...
  5. VM Access to ZFS

    Ah! That was it! To focused on learning proxmox and trying to set things up that way never occurred to me I needed to add it in disk management! Thank you!
  6. VM Access to ZFS

    I may have this wrong or am thinking of this incorrectly. I followed the forums have added a second harddrive. I then created a zfs pool. Everything looks likes it working right. My next question is how to add that zfspool to be accessible to the vm. I added hardware disk to the vm (windows...
  7. Error starting VM windows10

    Its a dell xps 8300 running an Intel i7-2600. I have gotten it working using Linux as the OS type. Will this affect performance?
  8. Error starting VM windows10

    Thank you. Here is my config The only difference I am seeing is the OS Type. Mine says win10? root@pve:~# qm config 101 bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 2 ide2: local:iso/Windows.iso, media=cdrom memory: 3360 net0: virtio=AE:82:D2:EC:35:01, bridge=vmbr0 numa: 0 ostype: win10 scsi0...
  9. NIC not found during initial installation this is it.
  10. Error starting VM windows10

    So it fails when I choose operating system type windows. should I be choosing linux? this doesn't make sense followed 3 different guides and failed everytime.
  11. Error starting VM windows10

    Tried setting up a Windows 10 VM and continue to get this error. Setup Keyboard layout: default memory 4.25 GiB Processors 4 (2 sockets, 2 cores) display: default cd/dvd :local:iso/windows.iso,media=cdrom,size4050240K cd/dvd: local:iso/virtio-win-0.1.141.iso,media:cdrom,size209208k...
  12. NIC not found during initial installation

    I believe this is it. broadcom BCM577888
  13. NIC not found during initial installation

    So I was able to install 4.4 then upgrade to the current version. is there a command line to list the specific device? I believe the driver was left out of the 5.x versions and that is the issue as another forum suggested to install the older version and upgrade.
  14. Snapshot error lvcreate snapshot 'pve/snap_vm-100-disk-1_test' error: Run `lvcreate --help' for mor

    I am getting an error when trying to do a snapshot. lvcreate snapshot 'pve/snap_vm-100-disk-1_test' error: Run `lvcreate --help' for more information. I am not sure how to trouble shoot this.


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