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    +10 Gbps peaks RRD traffic not measured correctly

    then they are probably very short bursts (which your other tool catches probably). in the rrd data we only collect the data the kernel gives us and put in in an rrd database, there is not really much possible where we'd put wrong data in. aside from that, as i said, i tested it and it works...
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    Convert to template, where is the template stored?

    the config of the template is in /etc/pve/ the disks depend on the underlying storage, can you post the config? 'pct config ID'
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    Empty/black console with LXC "tty"

    do you have an ip6 dhcp server? if not, the container may wait with the starting until a timeout (most often 5minutes) is complete before it's started completely
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    +10 Gbps peaks RRD traffic not measured correctly

    no, the graph shows 10 Gigabytes per second which is exactly 80 Gigabits per second...
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    +10 Gbps peaks RRD traffic not measured correctly

    ok, so first, the pve graph is bytes not bit, and second when you choose daily max, note that the graph will (for each data point) show the maximum of the one minute intervals of the rrd (because it gets consolidated) so if you had a 10gbit burst for 1 second, it'll only show as a 10 Gbit / 8 /...
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    +10 Gbps peaks RRD traffic not measured correctly

    is that graph from proxmox from the vm ? or the host ?
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    +10 Gbps peaks RRD traffic not measured correctly

    can you post the raw rrd data and which exact request you do?
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    license vs subscription: costs/benefits for amateur beginner home-lab?

    yes the community subscription costs 95€/year for a single cpu host and does not only remove the warning popup, but also grants you access to the enterprise repository (more stable/better tested packages)
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    Empty/black console with LXC "tty"

    can you post the complete container config? (pct config ID) ?
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    +10 Gbps peaks RRD traffic not measured correctly

    please check the aggregation? which did you use ? e.g. daily (average)? also note that you have to multiply the value with the number of seconds in the timeframe (since each point is basically for the complete timeframe until the next) so if the graph shows e.g. 10M/s at 00:00:00 and 0 at the...
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    Verify Job nach einem Backup

    wenn du dem darunterliegendem storage vertraust (und der software ;) ) dann sollte das backup gut sein. ein verify ist eher gedacht um schleichende datenkorruption auf disks zu erkennen. (manche filesysteme, zb zfs, haben so etwas schon eingebaut, was das verify noch wenig unnötiger macht) ob...
  12. dcsapak too long beim backup restore von 6.4-4 zu 7.1-1

    leeren kann man auf ähnliche art und weise: for domain in $(pmgsh get /config/domains 2> /dev/null | jq -r '.[].domain'); do pmgsh delete /config/domains/$domain; done ansonsten könnte man nur das file direkt schreiben (/etc/pmg/domains) + danach 'postmap /etc/pmg/domains' aufrufen
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    Permissions are the wrong way around

    works here without problems i tested a more simplified setup: 1 role with only Sys.PowerMgmt testuser has PVEAuditor on / and sys.powermgmt role on /nodes/somenode could not shutoff another node with the error: Permission check failed (/nodes/pve7, Sys.PowerMgmt) (403) edit: can you post your...
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    Purge from job configurations replication behavior

    no that seems like a bug, would you mind opening one here: (it's easier to track/assign/etc there)
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    Proxmox to PBS via Schedule (Simulator) - Hourly Backups starting at a specific time ?

    so the schedules for that would be: job1: 'mon..fri 6..19:30' job2: 'mon..sat 6..19:40' job3: 'wed..sun 6..17:50' the rule here is that each part (minute/hour) act independently and you can choose on which values it triggers


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