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    5 Node cluster with ceph and HA. VM/CT not failing over

    it seems you did not put them under ha? (this does not happen automatically) those are the ha managed guests, 101 and 105 are missing... yes there is a way, but only do this if you are know what your doing and verified that the node they were on is really not running anymore and the storage...
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    SPICE client: launch file disappear every time I launch a session

    with the built-in methods/config/gui, that is not possible. there is a ticket in the file that is only valid for 30 seconds you could add a spice config manually to the vm with the 'args' property, but then the built-in spice connection does not work anymore you'd have to port forward the...
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    ReFS File Restore

    ah, klar. im moment kann man das mittels der option 'snapshot=1' lösen, zB: qm set ID -scsi5 /dev/loopX,snapshot=1 VORSICHT: das legt ein temporäres file unter /var/tmp an, wohin die writes gehen. Dieses file kann so groß wie das ursprüngliche disk image werden wenn man alle daten überschreibt.
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    PVE 7 web Interface not accessible

    can you post the syslog /journal from that time? maybe there are some hints there..
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    How to configure PBS to reuse tapes?

    yes, you have to set the 'retention' and 'allocation' policy accordingly,. e.g. allocation : every day 02:00 -> will start a new media-set every day at 02:00, retention policy: 6 days -> will reuse a tape if the media set started >6 days ago
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    ZFS pool faults every week at Friday 02:00

    from experience, weird hardware errors (that do not have any obvious reason) are often caused by faulty memory or (undersized) psu...
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    Backup and Restore problem - storage 'local' does not support content-type 'images'

    If i understand correctly, you want to restore a backup? if yes, you either need to select a different storage to restore to ('local-lvm' look suitable) or you have to enable the 'images' content on the storage (Datacenter->storage->local)
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    ReFS File Restore

    momentan noch nicht direkt, aber ein paar workarounds: 1. die disk in einen order, restoren und an eine bestehende vm dranhängen: proxmox-backup-client restore <snapshot> <archiv> <target> qm set ID -scsiX <path-to-disk> 2. 'map' kommando verwenden: proxmox-backup-client map <snapshot>...
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    Memory consumption

    you now have only a single vm running and the host is <80% capacity as soon as something else needs the memory, the vm can give it back to the host...
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    Two-ways mirroring CEPH cluster how to?

    i think whats meant on that page is that in case you want to fall back to the original cluster, you basically have to run through the steps but with the master and slave cluster reversed. but in any case i'd test it on seperate test clusters beforehand
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    ReFS File Restore

    nein, wir unterstützen nur Filesysteme die auch in unserem Linux kernel verfügbar sind. da gibt es leider keinen ReFS support. (es gibt zwar einen kommerziellen ReFS Treiber für den Linux kernel, den können wir aber nicht integrieren.
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    Can't hide 'VM' status in Windows guest

    its probably the automatic hv features we enable when you set the ostype to anything windows. try setting the ostype to linux or other and check if that helps on another note: why do you want to hide it at all? even if windows task manager does not say 'virtual' it is not hard for a program to...
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    VMs unable to boot from ZFS after upgrade to PVE 7

    what is the exact error ? what does the log say (journal/syslog/dmesg)
  14. dcsapak

    RAM usage is higher

    can you post the complete vm config? on the cli: qm config ID
  15. dcsapak

    Schnelle Sicherung v. großen Containern / Fast Backup with container of many files

    Hi @SkyDiver79 , Ja wir wissen wie die meisten anderen Lösungen funktionieren (zumindest die öffentlich zugängliche Dokumentation, Veeam ist schließlich closed-source). Veeam verwendet im Gegensatz zu uns inkrementelle Backups, was manche Sachen, wie inkrementelle File-backups, viel einfacher...


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