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  1. Add TLS-ALPN plugin for ACME Challange?

    Hello, Would it be possible to add the TLS-ALPN challange method to ProxMox's ACME implementation? I don't have the ability to use port 80 or DNS for one of my servers. Thanks, Daniel
  2. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    I just wanted to update everyone on how this was finally resolved. It turns out our firewall was limiting this traffic. Not through any particular setting, but just from being overloaded. We upgraded our Firewall hardware and our Bandwidth jumped up dramatically to between 6 MB/s and 9 MB/s. I...
  3. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    I was getting this same sync speed when I only had a 10 MB/s connection. I would like to think there is some other issue that is the problem. The other thing that has always stuck out to me is that it is exactly 1 MB/s. That seems too much like a throttled setting then just a chance Best Effort...
  4. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    One other detail, I keep forgetting to mention. PBS is running along with Promox on both hosts. It is not a VM or it's own physical server.
  5. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    Latency is around 30 ms average. It usually is a steady 1 MB/s, once in a while it will get spikes, and those syncs will be less then 1 MB/s. The couple of times I've seen 3.5 MB/s it was also a steady bandwidth.
  6. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    I translated your post. :) The CPU on the business server barely registers anything during a sync, and averages around 1% IO delay. The CPU on the off-site server is a little higher, around 2% IO delay. Essentially none of the CPU's appear stressed.
  7. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    Ok, I just did the test without the repository SHA256 speed: 297.54 MB/s Compression speed: 336.21 MB/s Decompress speed: 789.87 MB/s AES256/GCM speed: 1750.21 MB/s Verify speed: 227.84 MB/s ┌───────────────────────────────────┬────────────────────┐ │ Name │ Value...
  8. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    I think I might have used the wrong terminology. My offsite PBS has my business PBS listed as a remote. My business PBS has no remotes listed. So is it still possible to do a benchmark test from my business PBS to my offsite PBS? I tried and got this error... Error: error trying to connect...
  9. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    Hello, I've been dealing with the sync speed to my remote server for over a year. It almost consistently maxes out at exactly 1 MB/s. I've only seen it higher twice, around 3.5 MB/s, which would be great if maintained that. The only detail I noticed when it achieved 3.5 MB/s was that all the...
  10. [SOLVED] Changelog for patches always giving 404 Error

    Hello, The last few patches for PVE and PBS have had missing Changelog notes. They always give a 404 error. Is there a URL I can access manually to see what's changed in the latest patches? Thanks, Daniel
  11. Remote sync very slow (0,4 MiB/s)

    How did you discover they were throttling?
  12. Remote sync very slow (0,4 MiB/s)

    Has anything been figured out on this issue? I'm dealing with a similar situation. I'm directly connected with no tunneling and getting around .80MiB/s. The slowest link in this connection is the download speed at the remote site, which is a theoretical 5MiB/s Thanks, Daniel


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