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  1. proxmox-backup-client new ENV VAR PBS_NOTE_TEMPLATE

    Thanks, will do. My case it targeted at scripting and using proxmox-backup-server in shell export PBS_FINGERPRINT=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx export PROXMOX_OUTPUT_FORMAT=text export PBS_REPOSITORY= export PBS_PASSWORD=xxxxxxxxxxx proxmox-backup-client backup...
  2. proxmox-backup-client new ENV VAR PBS_NOTE_TEMPLATE

    As another user posted about "namespace" Would be nice to have this available to add a note template here as well export PBS_NOTE_TEMPLATE={{guestname}}, {{node}}, {{vmid}}
  3. Tape Drive firmware (hacking)

    While using ITDT, oh yes, I understand "best effort". In pbs, works for about 90% of moving, some format / barcode. But then I guess after that it gets confused. Drive is listed, just fails. Currently system is stock debian, just wanted to make sure there nothing else that might affect it...
  4. Tape Drive firmware (hacking)

    Guess I am missing the secret ingredient, " scsi 2:0:0:0: TLR Disabled" In my case, trying to get more use out of some old hardware , "scsi 2:0:0:0: Sequential-Access IBM ULTRIUM-TD4 C7QH PQ: 0 ANSI: 3" Reading IBM drives are suppose to support TLR, not sure how far back, but this...
  5. PBS file restore - "timeout"

    Thanks for asking and the answer, I have seen this and its good to know...
  6. high i/o delay in dashboard

    I sure this is not a PBS problem, but just asking my peers.. I have really high i/o delay in my pbs dashboard. I have determined its the disk I have attached via iscsi. Its (the iscsi stuff) low end and not the best setup, and I have accepted that. But is it possible to make the i/o delay...
  7. Display output is not active (Chrome OS Flex)

    I too have noticed this, hence the search. Seem to affect both my win and linux VMs. Have to kill the VM and restart. Still searching, fingers crossed.. In one of my cases (Ubuntu server 20.04.4) its listed as; 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Red Hat, Inc. Virtio GPU (rev 01)
  8. windows 2000/2003 on PVE7.x

    Was thinking, I share a PBS between the 2, that should be easy enough, or almost anyway.
  9. windows 2000/2003 on PVE7.x

    Thanks, was kind of the same logic I was thinking. Thanks for your response. Was hoping that since they are already running under 6.x my chances were better than average. But as we all know, that might not mean much !
  10. windows 2000/2003 on PVE7.x

    Well I updated my personel proxmox to 7.1 with no real issues yet. But all my guests are linux I have a 4 node system here that I manage, but I still have a few 2003 servers and one 2000. I skimmed over a few posts , one that sticks out is lack of newer virto nic drivers on newer releases...
  11. proxmox-backup-client: failed to read xattrs: ENOENT: No such file or directory

    I have the same situation with OmniOs as the underlying samba platform, working with a debian 11 cifs mount. Anyone come across a work around yet? None of the above seem to work.
  12. interferance between tape backup and VM

    hate to answer this with a "I don't know" I have my prune set every 30 mins, maybe it was there at the beginning of the backup but later was purged during the backup Garbage collection 1x a week. Or, I have seen failed snapshots appear, and I later cleared. Maybe these? I have a feeling...
  13. interferance between tape backup and VM

    I get an occasional error such as the following 2021-06-02T03:14:47-04:00: backup snapshot vm/117/2021-06-01T00:00:15Z 2021-06-02T03:15:03-04:00: TASK ERROR: store 'pbspsiscsi', unable to load chunk '4ddfecd9ad1d749184e4bac5592f3506a7bfb107706778a68ed006b22fd61d18' - blob too small (0...
  14. Backup Server issue

    My folder structure does not match either, but mine is working. /mnt/datastore/vm/### No "backups" folder sorry if I came to the party late and missed something


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