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  1. RAM Usage

    the GUI also shows the CACHED guest memory.. execute "echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches" inside the guest. than, see the GUI again!!!
  2. Proxmox 6 with cache=writeback and modern kernels VMs

    If I lose all together at same time or any single of it will lose data too ?
  3. Proxmox 6 with cache=writeback and modern kernels VMs

    Yes, I read this, but there is no answer for my doubt.. not quite clear about what scenarios can we use or not writeback enabled!!!
  4. Adjust CPU graphs based on CPU ratio limit

    which one do you recommend, without the need of installing an agent on guest side?
  5. 1 SSD and 2 HDD - best storage setup?

    Yep, I meant filesystem extend but wrote partition... But I didn't know ext4 support online extend, I thought only XFS could do that because I started to use only XFS a long time ago... Thanks for the clarification!!
  6. 1 SSD and 2 HDD - best storage setup?

    I'm using proxmox clusters on top of XFS without any problems...also it's better than EXT4 when you store large files... I think it's a customer decision rather than proxmox option.. As I said, I would go for MD... but it's up to you!! if you use ZFS without ZIL/ARC cache SSD disk, the ARC...
  7. 1 SSD and 2 HDD - best storage setup?

    XFS is better than EXT3/4.. also it supports online partitions change/extend without reboot..
  8. 1 SSD and 2 HDD - best storage setup?

    If you are going to use the NVME as VM storage, install Proxmox on MD/XFS, and make VM daily backups on these disks.
  9. 1 SSD and 2 HDD - best storage setup?

    Depending the NVME size, the best option is to use it for VM storage.. if it's too small in size, use as ZIL/ARC cache only (entirely) and maintain the VMs on HDD disks.
  10. Shared Storage Comparison

    Regarding the Snapshots, I was talking about taking snapshots from guests using proxmox GUI, not on LUN side, because the only filesystem on top of iSCSI that supports VM Snapshots is ZFS over iSCSI, LVM-thick does not support VM snapshots. About backups, if your NAS is using ZFS for filysystem...
  11. Shared Storage Comparison

    The best option depends on the hardware/infrastructure environment you have... If you have enough hardware with local disks and at minimum of 1 SSD disk per node, and is comfortable with the lost area when you choose the replication size of a ceph cluster (usually 3/2)... go to ceph.. If you...
  12. Remove Snapshot locked

    Hi, Maybe you can try to consolidate the snapshot into the original disk file and start it over again with a new standalone disk with all snapshots committed. Regards,
  13. Proxmox GlusterFS performance tests

    I used GlusterFS last year on one of ours OpenStack Cluster, the performance is good while there is no problem on any brick node... my experience says that if you are going to use glusterfs with large RAW files, be aware that it will freeze your brain when a file-healing occurs at one of your...
  14. Create firewall security groups based on POOLS

    Thanks, if possible, consider this feature for the future releases, would be great!!
  15. Create firewall security groups based on POOLS

    Hi, There is any way to link firewall rules (security groups) based on POOL ? so, when we associate VMs as a member of a specific pool, the same firewall rules (security groups) created on parent pool, should be Inherited by those VMs. Thanks.


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