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  1. NUC6 IGD Passthrough kein Bild

    Hat sich erledigt, nach langem probieren habe ich es jetzt zumindest mit einer Mint und Ubuntu Installation laufen. Debian wollte nicht. Hiermit: args: -device vfio-pci,host=00:02.0,addr=0x2,x-igd-opregion=on maschine: q35 vga: none funktioniert es. Das hier steht noch im Log beim Starten...
  2. NUC6 IGD Passthrough kein Bild

    Ich hole diesen Thread hier einfach nochmal hoch, macht keinen Sinn einen neuen zu eröffnen. Ich versuche verzweifelt die Graka in eine VM durchzureichen, bekomme aber auch kein Bild. Ich habe eine Mint, eine Debian und eine Ubuntu VM ausprobiert, leider ohne Erfolg. Nutze ich die obigen...
  3. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    Then I wonder why only this configuration works and not only with me. I have exactly this configuration here from the forum. I've already tried everything, in every constellation. I documented everything in the last post and I tried even more, without success. Quite simply, because I'm back to...
  4. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    I did some more tests this weekend. New Proxmox install with Version 5.1-41 I have tested 3 different VM's, once on the TV and once on the touchscreen monitor - my "old" MintVM - new, fresh installed MintVM - live boot MintVM (not installed) and i tried 3 different configs: First one...
  5. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    Is it possible to install proxmox on a USB Flashdrive/Stick? Just to test it, not for daily use
  6. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    OK, maybe i can test it on the weekend.
  7. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    It looks like we are not getting much further here.:( Logfile looks ok, right? What is the easiest way to test an older proxmox version? Can I install an older iso and restore my LXC / VM backups (tar / vma.lzo) from my NAS?
  8. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    Only one shot and that's exactly what I don't understand... I tried many, many times to get this to work yesterday... I don't think so, i tried 3 different iso files. Mint19Mate, Mint19.1Cinnamon and Debian Desktop. journalctl after starting VM: Dec 07 10:27:02 pve pvedaemon[6053]: <root@pam>...
  9. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    No, it doesn't work with a new installed VM. Only if i boot the live image, i see the Desktop on the display, but not correctly. There isn't a start menu. If i install it to the harddisk it doesn't boot up.....and i don't have a signal on hdmi. Something doesn't work with the passing through. I...
  10. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    Yesterday i spended a few hours to do some tests. These are my findings, i hope i can explain, what i found out: - Update Bios to the latest Version -> same result, no luck - booted the oldest proxmox Kernel installed (14.3.16-2) -> same result, no luck Next test, booted new Mint VM without...
  11. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    Ok, will try that in the afternoon and also i will update Bios. Hope it works with an older Kernel (or Bios Update and latest Kernel). It drives me crazy o_O And again, thanks for your patience;)
  12. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    Your idea is good, but i can't choose a kernel during boot, because (if x-vga=on enabled) i don't see anything on the Display :confused: If it's disabled (just to look, which Kernel i can choose), i can choose between 4.15.0-30 and 4.15.0-20 Think, i only can try to upgrade Bios. Don't no why...
  13. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    this was just for test. I have primary GPU activated in GUI, but same result. ok, i will check if i can Update Bios/Firmware on the NUC. How can i do that?
  14. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    New test yesterday evening. Started from the scratch with a new Mint VM. This is the config: agent: 1 bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 2 hostpci0: 00:02.0,romfile=undefined,rombar=0 ide2: QNAP:iso/linuxmint-19-cinnamon-64bit-v2.iso,media=cdrom machine: pc-i440fx-2.12 memory: 1024 name: test net0...
  15. IGD Passthrough doesn't work after upgrade

    And now? Maybe you can tell me how can i rollback to an older proxmox version, so i can test if it works. Display is for my Home Automation and it's not cool if i had a black display in the flat:(


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