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  1. [SOLVED] Need help implenting UNBOUND for local DNS resolver

    Problem solved ! I was still BLOCKED since my IP was already over quota with URIBL. Even if new requests where cached, I had to wait a few hours to be able to query again. To help others, here is a quick tuto on how to enable and test unbound on PMG running in PVE: At datacenter level (OVH for...
  2. [SOLVED] Need help implenting UNBOUND for local DNS resolver

    Ok, almost there... I needed to add two rules in OVH firewall: TCP and UDP for all adresses with source port 53. Unbound is now working: [1655820357] unbound[273131:0] info: PTR IN [1655820358] unbound[273131:0] info: A IN...
  3. [SOLVED] Need help implenting UNBOUND for local DNS resolver

    ** UPDATE If I disable the firewall at the datacenter level (OVH), not the one in my PVE nor in my PMG, it work !! I'll try to find the right rule to add ** Hi. The only nftable rules I have are the one created by Fail2Ban, or the one delivered with PMG (if there are rules delivered with it)...
  4. [SOLVED] Need help implenting UNBOUND for local DNS resolver

    No it's not working even if I stop systemd. Thanks.
  5. [SOLVED] Need help implenting UNBOUND for local DNS resolver

    Hi. I tried to follow instruction's in, but I'm not able to make it work. What I need is to make unbound work in my PMG, so I don't over use URLBL and get BLOCKED. root@pmg14:~# dig a...
  6. URIBL_BLOCKED - however shows it's not

    Hi. I tried to implement the solution at, but I always get this error: root@pmg14:~# dig a @ +short ; <<>> DiG 9.16.27-Debian <<>> a @ +short ;; global options: +cmd ...
  7. [SOLVED] Root partition getting temporary full during backup job

    Ok, thanks for the specifics. It's because I'm backing up a CT and I'm not able to SNAPSHOT even if it's the selected option for this job, it always SUSPEND the VM instead.
  8. [SOLVED] Root partition getting temporary full during backup job

    I can't pinpoint where the file is added, but it happened when doing a backup to a PBS in ZSTD, around the line: INFO: CT Name: INFO: including mount point rootfs ('/') in backup INFO: starting first sync /proc/1085863/root/ to /var/tmp/vzdumptmp1941818_1003 INFO: first...
  9. [SOLVED] Root partition getting temporary full during backup job

    Hi everyone. My root "/" partition is getting from ±60% to a 91% usage during backup job to an external PBS. After the job, free space is back to normal. Like if a temp folder was pointing to a mount on this 21Gb partition instead of the 500Gb partition (i,e,: /var/lib/vz/*'). I don't see...
  10. [SOLVED] Non stop "successful auth for user" in log

    Hi dcsapak. Thanks a lot, it work like a charm with a token. I switched back to a regular user since I was always receiving an unauthorized error with a token, now it work.
  11. [SOLVED] Non stop "successful auth for user" in log

    Hi. As soon as I add my PBS (version 2.1-5) as a backup storage in my 8 PVE (version 7.1-10), my /var/log/proxmox-backup/api/auth.log contains tons of this. If I disable the storage, it stop. If I limit access to certains nodes, it's slowing down, but it keep going every few seconds ...
  12. Many SSL_accept error

    Thanks Stoiko. Nothing particular: I've tested with TESTTLS.COM and it's good: I think the problem is not with my servers so I won't loose more of your time, thank you for your help.
  13. Many SSL_accept error

    Hi. Just want to make sure the problem is not on my side, since all my PMG are reporting me the same errors... is it AIRCANADA.COM SSL that is expired? Anyway to accept the connexions anyway? Dec 26 11:57:43 pmg10 postfix/smtpd[1773713]: connect from[] Dec...


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