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  1. Sometimes backups to PBS fail with a timeout at 99% with a message " qmp command 'query-backup' failed - got timeout"

    Encountered the same issue. Does this required to downgrade on each PVE host as well?
  2. [SOLVED] unable to parse active worker status

    Yes, it works. Sorry, maybe I missed this known issue.
  3. [SOLVED] unable to parse active worker status

    Hi, Just upgraded to 0.8-11 latest release. Trying to run prune, following error popup in PBS: unable to parse active worker status 'UPID:pbs:0000021F:000**MASK**:0000000A:**MASK**:termproxy::root:' - not a valid user id Please advise ...
  4. GC error

    I had open a bug on this issue. By the way, may I know how to manually remove the unwanted backup aka the backup "garbage"? Tried to use prune to remove, but overall disk use size still remain .....
  5. GC error

    Hi, The output as below: root@pbs:~# proxmox-backup-client garbage-collect --repository vmbackup starting garbage collection on store vmbackup TASK ERROR: unable to get exclusive lock - EACCES: Permission denied root@pbs:~# ls -lha /vmbackup total 4.5K drwxr-xr-x 2 backup backup 0 Jul 16...
  6. GC error

    Hi, I try to run GC and encountered following error: root@pbs:~# proxmox-backup-client garbage-collect Error: unable to get (default) repository In PBS GUI, when click on the GC, it shows: unable to get exclusive lock - EACCES: Permission denied May I know what causes this error and how to...
  7. Guest-agent fs-freeze command breaks the system on backup

    having same issue on few cPanel VM. once at the stage of freezefs, the VM hang. This happened on PBS only, run on NFS storage as backup no problem.
  8. Using CIFS/NFS as datastore

    VM with 2G RAM, 2 vCPU changed to host, E5-2640v3 seems improve a lot. But relatively slow compared to those available figure.. Uploaded 573 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 8800 microseconds. TLS speed: 476.62 MB/s SHA256 speed: 330.90 MB/s Compression speed: 806.28 MB/s Decompress...
  9. Using CIFS/NFS as datastore

    It work for me too, thank you. But backup speed seems very slow when CIFS attached via 10G network to a VM for testing purpose. Uploaded 132 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 38461 microseconds. TLS speed: 109.05 MB/s SHA256 speed: 135.45 MB/s Compression speed: 554.75 MB/s Decompress...
  10. ARP request from router and monitoring server

    Hi, I saw latest release of pve-firewall (3.0-19) is equipped with ebtables: add arp filtering. My cluster running in multicast mode and no VLAN implemented from my upstream router. Host and vm network using openvswitch with different physical interfaces. Issue: When using iptraf-ng either...
  11. PVE 5.4 Ceph Cloud Init Issue

    Just an existing VM on the upgraded node (with latest no-subscription repo), 8 nodes ceph cluster with luminous. Steps to reproduce: 1) shutdown the existing VM with HA using GUI. 2) Start the VM with HA using GUI VM with HA unable to boot and following logs output via task viewer: Use of...
  12. PVE 5.4 Ceph Cloud Init Issue

    I manually edited as per the patch line in Live migration started to work fine. But, If after the respective VM in HA shutdown, it unable to boot up again. Following error showed: task started by HA resource...
  13. KSM sharing

    uncomment KSM_THRES_COEF in /etc/ksmtuned.conf and set your value. reboot or restart ksmtuned service and wait for a while, you should see the changes.
  14. Ceph error: slow and stuck requests are blocked

    how you define your pools? erasure coded with cache tier or replicated?
  15. reverse proxy nginx noVNC problem since V5

    Yes, I can confirm that apache wss (websocket) reverse proxy work well so far.


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