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  1. [SOLVED] Replication runner on all hosts and vm's broken since update

    There's an open bug in bugzilla, please post your info in there to help narrow down this issue ... Thanks
  2. [SOLVED] Replication runner on all hosts and vm's broken since update

    Don't think that the reboot will make any difference, I have already tried rebooting all nodes with no luck. This most likely looks like a bug, so let's see if an updated package fix will be released in one of the upcoming days... Proxmox staff has to verify this first though..
  3. [SOLVED] Replication runner on all hosts and vm's broken since update

    I'm having the same problem after upgrading a 3 node cluster to the latest package versions. Multicast communication works fine, but pvesr.service is unable to start because of "error with cfs lock 'file-replication_cfg': got lock request timeout". As a workaround, I have removed the content of...
  4. how to disable cronjob e-mail alerts?

    It's about pve-zsync, I'm not receiving e-mails from job scheduled via pvesr [GUI replication]. In a more general context, is it possible to disable crontab e-mail alerts completely ?
  5. how to disable cronjob e-mail alerts?

    hello I have configured e-mail alerts on the pve hosts and they are successfully being sent to the root account (which then forwards to my real e-mail account). What I’m trying to figure out is how to disable e-mail alerts sent by cron. If that’s not possible, can I somehow disable only zfs...
  6. Getting new host, how to use SSD disk?

    >> I'll have to study to understand the answer by @acidrop . Sorry, I misunderstood your question. I thought that you were about to partition the SSDs in 3 slices (1 for L2ARC, 1 for SLOG and the 3rd for generic VM use). That 3rd partition in this case, may be used as an additional storage on...
  7. Getting new host, how to use SSD disk?

    >> What proxmox storage would that be? That would be an additional "directory" type pve storage. You need to partition, format and set a mount point for the ssd, then add it via GUI..
  8. Proxmox 5.2 doesnt boot in HP Proliant DL120

    >> A few days ago, I installed proxmox in a server HP Proliant DL120,but it doesn't run. Well, that sounds pretty generic. What's the actual error message ? Did you manage to install PVE successfully ? You could use the Debian installation method as a workaround if everything else fails...
  9. Hardware fialur on Hypervisor How do I recover.

    >>Running VMS with automatic replication. You mean ZFS sync replication? How many PVE nodes, two (2) ? >> Whats the easiest way to launch those as machines? Well, if the VMs were running on the Primary (now offline) node, then first thing to do is to move the VM conf files to the correct...
  10. how to import vmdk storage to local-lvm storage

    This should be a good start ...
  11. One Node going in read only mode

    Have you checked for any potential issues with the node's backing storage device(s), RAID or whatever else you are using? Any clues in the system logs ?
  12. [LXC] Persistent custom mount options for rootfs ?

    Hello, I've got a quick question in regards to LXC containers and the possibility to add persistent mount options for the rootfs filesystem (ext4). Just wanted to clarify that I am *not* using ZFS as a backend for my LXC containers (not sure if that plays a role for having this settings set...
  13. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta1 released!

    I noticed that PVE 5.0 beta it's shipping with DRBD 8.4.7 kernel module (which is fine). Would it be possible to install drbd9 kernel module instead for people who want to test that one?
  14. drbdmanage license change

    Sorry for bringing back this post, but I have a quick question. I understand that Linbit is now responsible for maintaining the storage plugin, but what about GUI integration in things like snapshots for example? Does PVE team have any plans integrating that to the GUI? I have also noticed that...
  15. smartcard support on spice, guest vm?

    Hello, I read that SPICE currently supports smartcard passthrough. My question is if this is supported in PVE as well? Is it possible to enable it in guest vm , similar to what we do to enable usb support (usb:spice). I would like to passthrough both builtin and usb card readers. I have...


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