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  1. [SOLVED] Ram usage disparity between pve summary and pbs dashboard

    perfect, in fact now the levels are consistent. thank you!
  2. [SOLVED] Ram usage disparity between pve summary and pbs dashboard

    Hi, i have a disparity in ram usage between pve summary and pbs dashboard. My pbs is installed on vm and qemu-guest-agents are present and balloning is active. I am attaching three pictures of the ram usage that confuse me and i do not understand which one is correct. Thanks to all PVE...
  3. Remote Host Identification Has Changed

    hello everyone, i have a cluster with 3 nodes (kve-kve2-kve3) and today i noticed, during a migration, that kve2 cannot migrate to kve. 2022-02-28 16:06:14 # /usr/bin/ssh -e none -o 'BatchMode=yes' -o 'HostKeyAlias=kve' root@ /bin/true 2022-02-28 16:06:14...
  4. Home lab resizing - remote storage

    Hi everyone, I need your advice for updating my home lab. Unfortunately I have to decommission my current server (DELL R710), which has served me well so far, and replace it with a smaller server and storage on my LAN to cut down on electricity costs. I need to downsize the server to an i7 pc...
  5. change disk owner

    hello everyone. I have a problem with disk permissions. tonight one of the nodes stopped working and i had to restore the backup of the virtual machines. unfortunately the backup was from the day before but i had active replication from node 1 to node 2. I then restored my virtual machine 101...
  6. Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.4 released

    Thanks! I had them enabled in PVE and PBS but not in PMG.
  7. [SOLVED] Incremental backup takes many hours

    thanks for your reply! i've opted to create a new vm and transfer the data. definitely faster and more within my reach. i've read a few posts on how to turn a ct into a vm but it's definitely out of my skill set for now.
  8. [SOLVED] Incremental backup takes many hours

    thank you for your clarification. you have been very kind. obviously there is no way to convert a lxc to qemu vm, right? i have to make the vm and import the data, correct?
  9. [SOLVED] Incremental backup takes many hours

    hi guys, I am posing a problem that is bothering me a bit. I have a container running iredmail as mailserver The disk of this container is 1tb and the total space occupied is about 195gb. The first backup, with compression, is about 90gb and so far so good. The incremental backups, the last...
  10. Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.4 released

    my pmg is stuck at version 6.2-3 :confused: and there are no updates in the queue. i don't have premium subscription, is that correct?
  11. total disaster recovery procedure

    Hello everyone, hello Fabian, I have re-tested as I mentioned in my previous message. I backed up a 2.26gb machine and used rclone to sync remotely. rclone, without the --create-empty-src-dirs option, doesn't synchronize the empty folders so the recovery works but it doesn't allow to make new...
  12. total disaster recovery procedure

    Hi Fabian, thanks for your reply! Indeed rclone, without any option, does not synchronize empty directories. On the datastore "pbs-android", in my case, I have 65540 directories and 1244 files. On mega I have the same number of files but 1232 directories. In the documentation I found that with...
  13. total disaster recovery procedure

    Hi, I tried again as promised. I explain my steps: 1. created datastore on PBS with NFS share destination on QNAP; 2. connected in PVE; 3. backup of a VM of 2.25gb; 4. with rclone I moved the backup to the cloud; 5. deleted the folder from QNAP to simulate disaster recovery; 6. created a new...
  14. total disaster recovery procedure

    Ok! Now I've installed proxmox-backup-client: 1.0.11-1. Over the weekend I can run some tests and post what is required.
  15. total disaster recovery procedure

    I am including here the link to a post of mine regarding this issue. After that date (December 17, 2020), I did not test again. For me, the important thing was to be able to restore from the cloud and import VMs/CTs. Creating a new datastore for new backups is not a priority issue for me. With...


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