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    Proxmox 6.4.14 - Creating Additional SSD Pool under default HELP!

    What is the output of the following commands? ceph osd crush rule ls ceph osd df tree The overall plan, if you only have the replicated_rule, is to create new rules, one for each device class that you want to use. Then assign all pools to one of the new rules, so that you don't have any pools...
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    Wartung Proxmox Knoten mit Ceph im Livebetrieb

    Das wird der Grund sein. Wenn die Node down ist, haben einige PGs nur noch eine Replica -> weniger als die min_size und somit wird IO geblockt. Das wird auch Probleme machen, wenn eine Node mal komplett stirbt. Bei 3/2 wären noch 2 Replicas vorhanden und der Cluster würde weiter laufen. Wenn...
  3. aaron

    Wartung Proxmox Knoten mit Ceph im Livebetrieb

    Ich hab das gerade in einem kleinen 3-Node Testcluster nachgestellt. Eine Node herunterfahren, während eine VM IO produziert. Hat alles geklappt, ohne dass die VM hängen blieb. Bis Ceph die OSDs als Down anzeigt, kann es ein paar Augenblicke brauchen. Ohne weitere Informationen zum Cluster kann...
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    Wartung Proxmox Knoten mit Ceph im Livebetrieb

    Wie war denn der Status von Ceph vorm Herunterfahren der Node? Wenn die Pools stehen, sobald die Node down ist, kann ich mir vorstellen, dass Ceph auch anderweitig gerade nicht die volle Redundanz hatte. Wenn dann durch das Herunterfahren der Node weniger als "min_size" Kopien von mindestens...
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    PVE 7.2 - Can't add erasure coded pool to Ceph

    Erasure coded pools can only be added via the CLI for now. See the man page for pveceph. For example, pveceph pool create myecpool --erasure-coding k=3,m=2. Should you already have created an EC profile manually, you can specify it as well and omit the k and m parameters. Make sure to read up...
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    criu or how to migrate containers

    Within a cluster or standalone Proxmox VE nodes? In a cluster, you can migrate containers. They will be shutdown and started on the target node. I haven't been involved, but AFAIK there were attempts to live migrate containers in a cluster with criu, but it wasn't working as (reliably) as we...
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    Proxmox VE 7.2 released!

    There seems to be a bug in the Kernel when live migrating from newer to older CPUs. We are currently evaluating if we can back port it (see our bugtracker: The CPUs in your cluster seem to span quite a few generations. As a workaround for...
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    [SOLVED] Adding new PCIe card prevents boot.

    The new PCI card most likely changes the ordering of other PCI devices. One of them is the NIC. Run ip link to get a list of the network cards currently detected. The enp10s0f3 will not show up anymore. It will have a different name. Change that in the /etc/network/interfaces file where the old...
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    Can not login to proxmox from web interface

    I am a bit confused ;) The NIC names that you see with ip add match the ones that are configured in /etc/network/interfaces? Same for the IP addresses that you have in /etc/hosts? The NIC is down? So ssh and ping on that IP does not work as well? If that is the case, then that would be the...
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    Can not login to proxmox from web interface

    I missed that. Check that the IP is the same in the /etc/network/interfaces file and in the /etc/hosts file in the line with the hostname. Then restart the node and check again.
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    Can not login to proxmox from web interface

    On a hunch, try to enter it completely with the https://w.x.y.z:8006 as it is possible that the browser tries to establish a normal http connection which won't work.
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    Unknown status hosts .. unstable ceph .. help!

    What else is installed? There should not be any service doing DHCP requests on a Proxmox VE node under normal circumstances.
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    Unknown status hosts .. unstable ceph .. help!

    So the cluster and ceph are working fine so far? I hope the last octet in the IP addresses is differen ;) Are you talking about the and on node 2? Do they show up if you reboot the node? What happens if you run ifreload -a? Also, please post CLI output inside...
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    Unterschiedliche Raid-Controller kompatibel??

    Idealerweise wird für Ceph und ZFS ein HBA statt einem RAID Controller verwendet :)
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    Bei Upgrade von 7.1 auf 7.2 wurde cloud-init aktiviert -> führt zu massiven Problemen

    Da wird cloudinit wohl auch den ssh host rsa key getauscht/neu generiert haben, was dann zu einer neuen Server ID geführt hat. Ich würde auf der Node sicherheitshalber noch ein pvecm updatecerts machen, damit evtl. geänderte Keys und Fingerprints wieder in die know_hosts/authorized_keys...


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