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Hello Ph0x, I never meant to step on your toes. In fact it was you that involved yourself with my threads.

Please teach me where I went wrong in your opinion. I am here to learn and I value your input.

Let's prevent getting carried away ok?
Delivery and Read notifications not work as needed.
did you solved?
Hi there, Im a IT-Technican and here for the future of our childs.

We want to host Proxmox in all of our shools.
WE NEED TO BE QUICK! (holidays) So hold on and please follow me, for future more question i want to ask.

Let get it on to gether, and bing the IT to thoths kids.
Thanks to youall for the help! ♥
Hi Vizsla, would you mind tell me how you install the unifi-video server in a lxc. Did you mount a shared storage for the videos folders ?
I'm a "system and network" student and I live in Toulouse in France.

I have a homeserver HP Proliant DL360P G8, with Promox.
I just joined the same club. just got 2x DL360p G8 this week but have not attempted to install proxmox 7 and cluster. Mind i ask how installation went? you still on recommended/compatible hardware? how are your fans and server temps working out? anyways thanks in advance for any inputs/suggustions or tips lol and hopefully our experiences with these servers may eventually help out anyone
Actively working on large scale Proxmox project involving BGP, CEPH, SDN and what is "marketingly" known as "hyperconverged infrastructures" with a
natural strong focus on cybersecurity, the Core knowledge of our company.
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Great to read that ! I'm not on so big project at this time but pushing on it ;) and on a company that has approx the same natural cybersecu on its core


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