[TUTORIAL] Proxmox Toolbox - conf backup and restauration - email - SNMP - fail2ban and more (Script for PVE- PBS)


Apr 27, 2020
Hello everybody!

I'v created a little tool that aim to get smalls one-time configurations for Proxmox Virtual environement and backup server hosts in no time.

I have wrote it with all my knowledge and love. It's probably incomplete but it does work and is really easy to use.
If you want to add functions, help me to improve it or take corrections - please come on github open an issue or come with a pull request!

Features are:​

- Hide enterprise repo and set no-subscription repository
- Update host, and when no-enterprise source is set - disable no-subscription message
- Install usefull dependencies: ifupdown2 - git - sudo - libsasl2-modules - snmp
- Enhance security a bit with the following:
- - Enable fail 2 ban with default configuration for sshd, proxmox virtual environement and backup server
(credits to [inettgmbh](https://github.com/inettgmbh/fail2ban-proxmox-backup-server))
- - Create another user with sudo rights
- - Disable root ssh login
- - Create another Proxmox administrator
- - Disabling root@pam user (needed to update from GUI - update can still be don trough ssh)
- Change swappiness value or disable SWAP
- Enable S.M.A.R.T self-tests on all supported drives
- - short: every sunday@22 - Long: every 1st of month @22
- Enable SNMP V2 or v3 - you choose - with a default working configuration
- Configure email service to send system and proxmox notifications (postfix)
- Backup and restore Proxmox Virtual Environment and Backup Server configuration

There's a demonstration of this script here, it's in french on my Youtube channel but the whole script and doc are wrote in english.


You can use this tool either with:
apt-get install git
git clone https://github.com/Tontonjo/proxmox_toolbox.git
bash proxmox_toolbox/proxmox_toolbox.sh


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Tontonjo/proxmox_toolbox/main/proxmox_toolbox.sh
bash proxmox_toolbox.sh

You can read the script and contribute on github.

If you find this usefull, please think about Buying me a coffee and to Subscribe to my youtube channel

Hope it helps!

Regards - Tonton Jo
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