Identify FROM

Phan Cường

Jun 17, 2019
Hello Everyone,
I have a problem with identify who sent this email via PMG like the image:

May 10

I check mailbox of user and saw it came from instead
And only that domain have problem. Other domain working perfection.

So could anyone help me explaint why does PMG show me instead some_username1? It would look more pretty to read.

May 10 11:40:18 pve postfix/smtpd[23233]: connect from[]
May 10 11:40:19 pve postfix/smtpd[23233]: 3B43A1C10AF:[]
May 10 11:40:19 pve postfix/cleanup[23335]: 3B43A1C10AF: message-id=<>
May 10 11:40:20 pve postfix/qmgr[2922]: 3B43A1C10AF: from=<>, size=60424, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
May 10 11:40:20 pve pmg-smtp-filter[13462]: 1C10B56279ECB42790B: new mail message-id=<>#012
May 10 11:40:24 pve pmg-smtp-filter[13462]: 1C10B56279ECB42790B: SA score=1/5 time=4.179 bayes=undefined autolearn=no autolearn_force=no hits=AWL(0.413),DKIM_SIGNED(0.1),DKIM_VALID(-0.1),DKIM_VALID_AU(-0.1),DKIM_VALID_EF(-0.1),HTML_MESSAGE(0.001),KAM_SHORT(0.001),SCC_5_SHORT_WORD_LINES(1),SPF_HELO_NONE(0.001),SPF_PASS(-0.001),T_SCC_BODY_TEXT_LINE(-0.01),URIBL_BLOCKED(0.001)
May 10 11:40:24 pve postfix/smtpd[23344]: connect from localhost.localdomain[]
May 10 11:40:24 pve postfix/smtpd[23344]: 707631C10B6: client=localhost.localdomain[],[]
May 10 11:40:24 pve postfix/cleanup[23335]: 707631C10B6: message-id=<>
May 10 11:40:24 pve postfix/qmgr[2922]: 707631C10B6: from=<>, size=61684, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
May 10 11:40:24 pve pmg-smtp-filter[13462]: 1C10B56279ECB42790B: accept mail to <> (707631C10B6) (rule: default-accept)
May 10 11:40:24 pve postfix/smtpd[23344]: disconnect from localhost.localdomain[] ehlo=1 xforward=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 commands=5
May 10 11:40:24 pve pmg-smtp-filter[13462]: 1C10B56279ECB42790B: processing time: 4.363 seconds (4.179, 0.066, 0)
May 10 11:40:24 pve postfix/lmtp[23336]: 3B43A1C10AF: to=<>, relay=[]:10024, delay=5.7, delays=1.4/0.01/0/4.4, dsn=2.5.0, status=sent (250 2.5.0 OK (1C10B56279ECB42790B))
May 10 11:40:24 pve postfix/qmgr[2922]: 3B43A1C10AF: removed
May 10 11:40:27 pve postfix/smtp[23345]: 707631C10B6: to=<>, relay=[]:25, delay=2.8, delays=0.07/0.01/2.3/0.44, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 OK id=1noHff-0007mz-4B)
May 10 11:40:27 pve postfix/qmgr[2922]: 707631C10B6: removed
May 10 11:42:41 pve postfix/smtpd[23233]: disconnect from[] ehlo=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 quit=1 commands=5

Stoiko Ivanov

Proxmox Staff Member
Staff member
May 2, 2018


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