How to disable corosync

Aug 15, 2018
Hello Folks,

I've been reading and searching quite few doc pages and forums posts, a while back doing similar searches I was able to read it was possible to do so, but now I just can't find that info back.

This was surely answered already, apologies in advance for this.

My intent is to boot Proxmox from two ZFS mirrored SATA DOMs without killing them.

Additional details.
I would like to cluster 3 master nodes without any quorum as one is hosted in my home lab, others in two different datacenter, different networks (workaround could be a ringX_addr, GRE VPN tunnel, IGMP Proxy, possibly Avahi, and others) but high latency would in any case remain.

In this situation I believe attempting to run a quorum cluster would mean shooting my own feet.

I've read corosync may be disabled, since I won't need it because each host is totally different from each other and they will not share anything at all, and my dev machine would basically push VMs and receive snapshot to/from both, I believe disabling is the way to go.

My final setup would be to have a dev machine where it knows and possibly manage all other hosts, but all other nodes won't know each other.

1. How to disable corosync.
2. Is my final setup idea possible at all.

Any suggestion, link to docs, posts etc is also highly welcome.



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Sep 28, 2016
If you want to have a few hosts in cluster, then you have to let pmxcfs running. Devs promised to optimize it, but as it seems, not much has changed. The only thing you can do is to get two very good sata-doms. Hope they hold a little longer than my SLC-based usb-stick (died within a few months)...


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