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    multi cluster web interface

    hello dear community. I have 3 cluster in different data centers. I don't need them to synchronize with each other. But i wanna have one interface for orchestrate all clusters. maybe exist some way over prox api add my clusters to one web interface. If it dosn't exist it be cool create stand...
  2. A

    IPv6 web ui access HOW?

    The name is the point i have installed proxmox on my tiny pc and try to do get the Web ui reachable from other networks, with IPv4 it will work but not with IPv6 and because we are chancing the ISP at the 18.08.2022 we may lose the public ipv4 so what can i do to get proxmox webui accessible...
  3. K

    can't connect to WebUI through second bridge

    Hi folks, I setup Proxmox on a server with 4 network ports (+management port). On Port 1 I have my Production network with bridge0 in a 192.168/16 Network. On Port 2 I have my Test network with bridge1 on a 10.0/16 Network. I did the initial setup on Port 1. Because I have a vServer on Bridge1...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Cannot Access Web Interface

    I installed Proxmox on 3 new server and all the procedure from the iso went ok. I configured cluster and tested it, all work like a charm. Now, after a reboot I cannot access to web interface from any server: login to ssh its ok but from web interface (tested in many browser) always return...
  5. A

    Proxmox 7.0-9 Web UI unable to launch GUI Windows

    Hello, I have just upgraded to proxmox 7 (from 6.4.3) and my WUI (Web UI) is not functioning properly. I can console without issue, view logs without issue. However whenever I try to Create a new VM, container, or edit VM properties it doesn't work. It launches what looks like a minimized...
  6. I

    Access PVE web interface from different network

    Hi, I've recently set up PVE and I've been trying to connect to the web interface for quite some time now. When I ping it's IP from our server, there is no package loss and the ms it needs are fine. Yet when I try to open it in our browser, it shows "proxmox ...." as the tab name but the window...
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    Weird issue: Proxmox whole cluster failed at arount 2pm. Putty working but none of the 5 webpage worked

    Hi, At around 2pm, all proxmox web page started giving "timeout". I was able to go in with putty but not the web interface. I did a service pveproxy restart on each blades and the web page are accessible but now it does not accept any of our passwords. maybe not related but I also have this...
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    Proxmox WebGui nicht mehr zu erreichen

    Hallo, seit heute ist die Oberfläche eines der beiden Knoten nicht mehr erreichbar. Es gibt nur Browsertimeout. Der zweite node, der nicht ständig eingeschaltet war versucht schon seit Stunden den connect mit dem ersten Node, aber es dreht sich nur die Eieruhr im cluster log bei starte alle...
  9. P

    Issues webgui "TypeError: me.getSelectionModel is not a function"

    Good morning, I've been using proxmox for years and I've never really had any problems except now. When I'm on the web interface: 1. I select a CT lxc container 2. I select resources 3. Select Memory 4. And I click on edit Nothing happens but an error in the JS console TypeError...
  10. H

    I can not access the web interface Proxmox

    Sorry if repeated, I have not found anything like it! I deleted the / var / log / and now I can not access the web Proxmox interface. I can access it via SSH and VMs continue to operate normally. Can anyone help?


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