1. D

    Incorrect UUID after importing VM from ESXi?

    Last week I started using this great product and I'm in progress of migrating all of my VMs to the new proxmox software. For this, I used the functionality to import the VMs from ESXi directly. This works fine for Linux, but for Windows I had some issues to keep the activation working. At first...
  2. T

    [Cloud-Init] Can't find how to set UUID + Hostname with NoCloud + Template

    Disclamer: I never used Proxmox ever or QEMU / qm / cloud-init until about 1 weeks ago. There's probably things to do in a better way, feel free to send how you would have done the same (no ansible / terraform for this, I'm looking it aside that one) hello I'm trying to script the creation of...
  3. P

    Cloning Win10 VM as a completely new machine?

    Hi, I'm testing Win10 Autopilot feature with Proxmox. It's an automated PC kittng process managed by MS Intune. It begins refreshing PC according to pre-registered HWID.csv, which is composed of hardware hash, serial etc. HWID is acquired by powershell command...
  4. F

    How to setup virtual machine (Disk type) so I can change the HDD UUID

    Hello, Which disk type should I select for SCSI Controller such that I can change the virtual disk UUID later. The guest OS to be used is Windows 2012R2
  5. S

    qmrestore does not update UUID

    Hello, I recently discovered that 'qmrestore' does not update/change the UUID after a successful restore from a backup image. My experiments involved creating many VMs from the same vzdump image. As far as functionality goes, this may be expected behavior, but it caught me off guard, as some...
  6. V

    Problem with migrate vm machine from ESX

    hello every one, i have a problem with migrate vm machine from ESX, my vm machin from esx work with HDD licence code, when i move to proxmox, hdd UUID change :( any one have a solution for this problem ...
  7. stefws

    Palo Alto VM FW fails to figure out UUID+CPUID for license serial numbering

    Anyone tried to make Palo Alto FW VMx00/PanOS 7.x work on Proxmox/KVM, my netadmin claims that it fails to find an uuid+cpuid to generate a unique serial number to be used for licensing. But on other VMs running Linux I can see the assigned VM smbios uuid from dmidecode. Palo Alto support was...


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