1. M

    Replicate current setup in Proxmox

    Our current backup writes to an NFS share on an isolated storage network. We want to configure PBS to do the same thing. Is there a way to funnel traffic down a particular pipe? Is there any other potential issues with this?
  2. Q

    Block LAN connection/traffic on VM

    Hello, I would like to Host a Server for a friend but I don't want him to be able to have access on any local device/traffic. My first idea was to just block it via firewall the IP's. Is it best practice? How would you do it? Is there any documentation/tutorial to follow? Best Regards Quappi
  3. D

    Node Network Traffic empty

    Hello. how do i fix it? Containers network traffic seems ok. ~# grep -v ^# /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto lan0 iface lan0 inet manual auto lan1 iface lan1 inet manual auto lan2 iface lan2 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet...
  4. M

    Promiscuous mode for VM

    Hello. I want to install some kind of special software for blocking traffic. My colleague successfully install it on esxi and this require promiscuous mode enabled. I found I can enable promisc mode on host system like this: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp3s0 inet manual auto vmbr0...
  5. M

    Layer 3+4 hash policy and incoming traffic

    Hello. Try to explain my problem: I have bond from 4 Gigabit interfaces (don't ask why they named like this, I don't know): uto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual slaves rename2 rename3 eno1 rename5 bond-mode 802.3ad bond-miimon 100 bond_xmit_hash_policy layer3+4...
  6. S

    Network traffic is not displayed in to Web Interface

  7. A

    Firewall cluster Active/Active

    I'm not sure if there is the correct site to explain this case. I want to make a firewall cluster with load balance and High Availability. I thought to use Proxmox for the cluster and make 2 nodes for the load balance and 2 more for the HA. The problem is, how can I make the load balance? I...
  8. B

    High Traffic Alert (Offer)

    Hy guys, i`m looking for an script or sompting to alert me true email or sort of cron to an http page (witch will alert me true sms) when some vps or ips they receive or make massive traffic to alert me. Sompting like i got 5 VPS on the Node and 1 vps is compromised and someone send flood to...


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