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    How to stop a VM after boot via direct command line control

    So I was testing to direct pci pass through my network card, I hit the start VM button, and the web freezes. I immediately realised that the VM is hijacking the web interface route, I restart, but always not fast enough before the VM auto starts. How can I turn either auto VM off, or shuts down...
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    SSH to LXC from server node works but not from another LAN PC with "Permission denied" error

    Really new to Proxmox but very existed after installed it on one of my home PCs and saw it up and running. The server node IP is I have also created a Ubuntu 22.04 LXC (no firewall) which has IP and installed Nginx on it. Now I can access Nginx default page at...
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    sshd_config file resets when creating a container

    Hello! I'm new here but I'd like to know if there is any fix for this, I have this issue, I modified some templates and noticed that the sshd_config file resets every time you create a new container, thanks in regards.
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    [SOLVED] Can't SSH into and ssh-copy to the proxmox server from Ubuntu 20.04

    I am not able to ssh into the proxmox server I have tried copying the RSA pub_key to the remote server using this command. ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ It says timed out. the UFW is disabled on the destination proxmox server. The firewalls are empty in the Proxmox Web...
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    [SOLVED] No GUI nor SSH after upgrade 6.1 -> 6.3 - needs manual restart of services

    Hello folks, I just upgraded my single pve node from 6.1-3 to 6.3-2. This process had me do apt upgrade twice, so I moved from 6.1-3 over 6.2-X to 6.3-2. After the reboot I had to run those commands, since GUI and SSH were not working, nor was any VM/ LXC up: systemctl restart pvestatd...
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    Nodes unable to maintain communication causing Ceph to fail

    Hello, I have been having a very strange problem with some of my Proxmox nodes the past few days. This problem has seemingly started suddenly after having the current configuration running for at least three months. Some Proxmox nodes are suddenly no longer able to communicate with one another...
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    [SOLVED] Connection closed by IP port xxxx [preauth]

    Hi, This is the weirdest experience we had with SSH server. We run a 3 nodes cluster with CEPH. Recently we have noticed that we are unable to use Web VNC for 2 of the nodes, upon some reading online I have restarted the pve-manager and it seems to help with the Web VNC console. Now the...
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    TASK ERROR: Failed to run vncproxy.

    Hello everyone, When I try to connect to a virtual machine in the cluster (in another node) I get the following error: IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING NASTY! Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)! It is also possible that a host key has...
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    [SOLVED] Failed to run vncproxy

    Hi, I have a two node setup. From the first node, when I pull up the console for a VM on the second node, I get this: Debian GNU/Linux 9 Permission denied (publickey). TASK ERROR: Failed to run vncproxy. I can't tell if this is an SSH issue or a vncproxy issue. I have verified that the...
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    Is it possible delete a cluster and reuse its nodes?

    I have a cluster of 1 node and I cannot add a 2nd node. I described my case here: Is is possible to delete all the cluster without reinstall Proxmox VE? I want to do that and recreate the cluster from the...
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    [SOLVED] SSH Permission denied for a container but not for the baremetal

    Hello, I'm excited to start working with ProxMox.. I'm actually trying to host a multi purpose server at home. So I managed to install ProxMox (baremetal) and I'm able to access it via SSH from a laptop. Then I installed and run my first LXC container (debian 8) and I'm pretty amazed about...


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