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    Debian-snmp error after 6.2-11 update

    After updating from 6.2-9 to 6.2-11 I get the following snmp error from all the nodes in my cluster: : Aug 25 11:45:13 : Debian-snmp : user NOT in sudoers ; TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/local/bin/proxmox Looks like i'll be getting these notifications every 5...
  2. H

    SNMP error

    Hi! I have this error after every start. After restart it became normal but after 24 hours it appears again. Snmp service locks, And I could not start it agait. Its error with hardware or vm or LXC or something else In messages get I got: May 19 09:54:49 pve9 kernel: [126148.397501] ...
  3. I

    Proxmox, UPS and Network MS card

    Hi, I have a rack mounted Eaton 5PX1500RTN with a Network MS card that I would like to use in a way to shutdown all VMs and CTs and then shutdown the Proxmox host 5 mins after the power is lost. I have set it up successfully in my FreeNAS and my pfSense boxes. However, when I try to search...
  4. V

    SNMP Monitoring

    Hi Team what's the recommended way to monitor PMG? We where going to download and setup SNMP to monitor CPU, Storage, Memory from PRTG or other monitoring system. Are there any recommendations or does PMG already have a monitoring system or SNMP setup? this is a preliminary question to start...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] SNMPd stop binding on port after node fail

    Hello. I see that I've strange problem with SNMPd after my node with ID 1 stops working. When node goes down it disables binding SNMPd on other machines of cluster. On 7.53 node you can see that snmpd start working as usually but i see nothing more: Stopping service takes more...
  6. A

    root (/) filesystem missing from monitoring of LXC (proxmox/ZFS) containers

    I have an issue with my Proxmox VE 5 and CentOS 7.5 LXC (ZFS) df -k output: Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on rpool/data/subvol-103-disk-1 104857600 1631360 103226240 2% / none 492 0 492 0% /dev tmpfs...
  7. J

    SNMP Monitoring

    I'm currently evaluating proxmox and so far am really impressed. One thing that seems strangely missing tho is performance monitoring. I've installed snmp on our 3 test nodes and can collect node related data, but it would be fantastic if i could collect data relating to the virtual machines...
  8. R

    SNMP Trap Alerts

    Hello, We recently installed Proxmox v4.1 and migrated our VM's from the old Proxmox server to the new one. Our servers are all HP ProLiant. For some reason, we are no longer getting SNMP Alerts from the server in case a drive fails or other type of hardware.. How do we go about setting up SNMP...


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