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    How to sync my backups to google drive?

    Hello everyone, I have a Proxmox VE running on an old PC, and I have some trust issues regarding the security of my backups. I don't want to reconfigure all my containers again in case one of my hard drives stops working. So, I want to know if there is an easy way to sync the backup folder with...
  2. T

    Questions about offsite PBS Server

    Good afternoon, all I'm wondering about the use of a PBS server as offsite backups? I understand that I would only need to forward port 8007, but would this have any security issues associated with it, i.e are the backups sent in a secure format, and is the PBS login safe to have network...
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    Proxmox Backup Server Synchronization the Same on Site A and Site B

    So I have an on premises Proxmox Virtual Environment with VMs on it, this gets backed up to another on premises Proxmox Backup Server which then gets Synced offsite to a Remote Location. This Remote Location then gets synced to an Offsite Location with ZFS Redundant Storage for further security...
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    12€ Hyperconverged ProxMox 7 Cloud Cluster with 1TB storage

    Hi community, i have created a hyperconverged ProxMox Cloud Cluster as an experimental project. features: using 1blu.de compute nodes: 1 Euro / month using 1blu.de storage node 1 TB: 9 Euro / month using LAN based on Vodafone Cable Internet IPV6 DS-LITE (VF NetBox) the ProxMox cluster uses...
  5. F

    Noob backup strategy

    TL;DR Is copying the datastore (the files) of PBS to a remote destination a sufficient backup solution? Can I use them files to recreate my VM on a new system if the old fails? How can approach automatically running a rclone command when a backup is done without knowing anything about scripting...
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    Make Google Drive accessible in an LXC: Best practices?

    Basically I want to run Plex in an LXC and have it use my Movies stored in a Team Drive. I guess rclone mount, which uses fuse, is the best option to access the movies. In the Wiki it says that it is advised against using fuse inside an LXC. Is that still up to date? I mean there is a fuse...
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    Proxmox backup VM over object storage B2 / S3

    Hi there, I'm been working finding a way to backup VM over an object storage like S3 or B2 Backblaze... I've finally found a solution that is quite stable and perform well. If someone is interested I'm doing in this way: - VM backup over local storage - made a script that with rclone move...


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