1. L

    Restore from PBS by API to specific storage

    After migrating servers from PVE A to PVE B maybe the original storage from the PBS QEMU Server Config is not existing on the new server. While trying to restore this backup perfectly works from Proxmox GUI PBS Storage view. Example: API POST Request to /api2/json/nodes/nodeXX/qemu Parameters...
  2. UdoB

    [SOLVED] How to restore a VM from encrypted PBS via CLI?

    Good morning, this is for preparation of a desaster recovery, I am just evaluating ways to handle a problematic situation. Let's assume I have a dead PVE a working PBS another PVE Node (in another unrelated Cluster) to run a restored VM; already connected to PBS - but with a different...
  3. W

    Restoring VM from backup

    Hey everyone. I have a backup hard drive as a ZFS-pool containing the backup jobs I made of my VM. I plugged in my hard drive and Proxmox recognizes it contains vm-100-disk-0 under "VM Disks", but I can't figure out how to restore my VM from it. The only button highlighted is the "remove"...
  4. J

    Migrating VMs between clusters erased some VM disks - also how to qmrestore while keeping disks that were NOT backup up originally

    I recently ran into some odd issues with clustering. I migrated over a disk PRIOR to actually making the backend storage available to the new node. This caused some wonky things to happen including some disks being erased from their original location. I had disks in the original storage...
  5. Z

    failed: storage 'local-lvm' does not exist restore qmrestore local-zfs

    Hello, I try to restore machine (.vma) that not exist on new proxmox machine, error message failed: storage 'local-lvm' does not exist the command qmrestore /media/usb/vzdump-qemu-128-2020_11_05-09_56_08.vma 106 cat storage.cfg dir: local path /var/lib/vz content...
  6. A

    ERROR: couldn't determine format and compression type

    I got this error when trying to restore a vma.lzo backup on my PVE 6.2-4 pve-manager/6.2-4/9824574a (running kernel: 5.4.34-1-pve)
  7. W

    [SOLVED] proxmox 5.13 unexpected reboot

    Hello, My configuration consist of three proxmox identical nodes with the following: - proxmox pve-manager/5.4-13/aee6f0ec (running kernel: 4.15.18-25-pve) on debian stretch - ceph version 12.2.12 luminous (stable) And a 6TB NFS storage connected to cluster with 1Gb ethernet bond (active-backup...
  8. H

    Restoring a vma.lzo backup

    Hello guys, I'm getting confuse about the backup restoring. I did a backup of a lot of my virtual machines from my old proxmox server. I used this command to restore one of my backup : qmrestore vzdump-qemu-200-2019_02_19-22_57_27.vma.lzo 200 -storage vm-disks But, when I'm trying to start...
  9. A

    QMrestore confusion

    Just looking for a bit of knowledge confirmation. I've been using vzdump to take nightly snapshot backups of my VMs. My only question here is that it seems like you cannot restore a snapshot backup to an already existing VM ID. You have to use qmrestore and give a new VM ID to be created. From...
  10. J

    WARNING: gpt signature detected messages

    We are setting up a development environment where VM's are created (using qmrestore) on the fly and then deleted after running some tests. However, I always get the message "WARNING: gpt signature detected on /dev/SAN/vm-406-disk-0 at offset 512. Wipe it?" when a new disk is created on our...
  11. M

    qmrestore hasn´t bwlimit option anymore in 5.1-46

    I don´t see the bwlimit option anymore: :~# man qmrestore QMRESTORE(1) Proxmox VE Documentation QMRESTORE(1) NAME qmrestore - Restore QemuServer `vzdump` Backups SYNOPSIS qmrestore help qmrestore <archive> <vmid> [OPTIONS] Restore...
  12. F

    Restore stopped with unexpected statuts

    Hello, I'm trying to restore a VM to another storage. I use these command line: qmrestore --storage local-sata2GO /mnt/nas2/dump/vzdump-qemu_140....vmz.gz 500 The problem is that process stop in the middle with only information "unexpected statuts". How to get rid of these error that occured...
  13. S

    qmrestore does not update UUID

    Hello, I recently discovered that 'qmrestore' does not update/change the UUID after a successful restore from a backup image. My experiments involved creating many VMs from the same vzdump image. As far as functionality goes, this may be expected behavior, but it caught me off guard, as some...
  14. R

    Restore to multiple storage

    Hey there, I've setup proxmox with 3 different storages: local-lvm, ssd based nfs-storage, which is a remote nfs server nfs-backup, which is also a remote nfs server I want to create a VM with one disk on local-lvm and one disk on nfs-storage. I can backup a machine like this just fine, but...
  15. T

    qmrestore extract tmp location?

    Hi guys, I am trying to restore a VM from a USB drive via the command line and have run into an issue. The restore fails with exit code 133 every time. My target storage is LVM backed with iSCSI, plenty of space. However, it appears that qmrestore tries to use /var/tmp as the location to...


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