1. J

    Merge storage from a Linked VM back to Base

    Hi, Slightly convuluted case here, and hopefully I can explain it in a way that makes sense :) Working on a build system and we have some pretty hefty Perforce checkouts in a +150GB range. So, I do not want to want to do a fresh checkout for every build, just wanna get latest from what I had...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Convert LVM to vmdk

    Hello all, I've got a VM running on LVM storage. The storage is /dev/vmstorage/vm-102-disk-0. I want to convert this to vmdk for import to an ESXi 7.0U1 host. What/which commands can I use to get this done as fast as possible? The VM is down, so there is no issue copying storage to vmdk...
  3. A

    Disk Resize (+) over GUI, wrong qemu-img info

    Good Day together, i successfully resized the disk of a vm on my proxmox node from 100GB to 500GB with the Web-GUI in the Hardware-Tab. I already edited the partition table on the unix guest and everything works fine. When i look into the config of the VM in the Web-GUI and in the...
  4. gurubert

    Storage live migration and thin provisioning

    Hi, the storage live migration creates a thick provisioned target even if a format like qcow2 is selected. I only found the announcement for PVE 3.0 where someone mentioned to use qemu-img convert afterwards to create a sparse image file. But how would this be done on a running VM?
  5. M

    vmware to kvm convert initramfs failed boot redhat7 or centos7 (solved)

    For your help: When you convert a vm with redhat7 or centos7 and it failed boot with "dracut-initqueue timeout", rootfs, swapfs not found, then the reason is, the modules for "virtio_scsi" are not found and are not installed. Before you convert the machine do: Thanks for your work!
  6. K

    [SOLVED] qemu-img: Error resizing image: File too large

    Hello, I've used ProxMox VE for a few years without a prob but I'm facing something I don't understand, so I don't know how to solve this poblem. Virtual Environment 4.4-13/7ea56165 on a dedicated server at SoYouStart. Let me say I run 4 servers like this one and have this problem with this...
  7. D

    Snapshots deleted but no space reclaimed

    Hi all, I have an instance of proxmox running on a local disk with 4TB in a RAID 10. I have a virtual windows server (2012r2) with a disk of 2TB The Virtual Image is located in /var/lib/vz/images/101/vm-101-disk-1.qcow2 In the past I've done snapshots before major updates to roll back in case...
  8. V

    [SOLVED] QEMU Backing images

    I noticed QEMU backing images aren't supported in Proxmox. I tried setting up a backing image using qemu-img and ran the machine off the delta only to have it crash. Will there ever be support for this feature? The ability to use the backing images would allow deduplication of like operating...


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