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    Proxmox cluster discovery service adding hosts by itself

    Dear ProxMox community, I have critical strange situation, I already have a cluster of 2 hosts (foghorn and leghorn). I was planning to create a separate new cluster with another 2 new hosts. I Installed Debian base on the new hosts (Rocky and Bullwinkle) and then installed proxmox on them, I...
  2. Y

    Can't join a cluster

    Hello, I was running a 3 nodes cluster perfectly fine then this week end one of my nodes couldn't boot. From what I've seen, it was missing a system file and was stuck. I installed PVE again and upgraded it to 5.3-8 and I want to join the cluster again but it seems I can't send the infos : The...
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    pvecm add schlägt fehl

    Hallo zusammen, ich weiß, unter diesem Begriff findet man 1Mio. Treffer unter Google... Leider hilft mir keiner davon weiter. Ich habe eine bestehende Cluster-Umgebung mit drei nodes. Diese läuft noch unter pve 4.4 Jetzt möchte ich beginnen die Hardware zu tauschen und die Umgebung upzudaten...
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    Can PVE cluster decide where best to start a new VM?

    Hi, is it possible to do this with Proxmox : In a cluster of three PVE servers, start a vm remotely from a standalone PC (API, CLI ?) and let PVE figure out which server has the lowest load (i.e. the lowest CPU load + the highest free memory) to start the VM there. I don't know if PVE offer...
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    Proxmox 4.4 failed - [database] crit: missing directory inode

    Hi there, please help One day I wanted to change hosname of PROXMOX node and to create cluster with two nodes. I just changed hostname in /etc/hosts /etc/resolv.conf After that in the webGUI I see two nodes with two names, and I read that needs to cp -r /etc/pve/nodes/node1/*...
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    [SOLVED] Kein Zugriff auf Webfrontend mehr möglich

    Seit kurzer Zeit ist es nicht mehr möglich, sich auf einem unserer ProxMox-Cluster (4.3) über das Webfrontend anzumelden. Der Port 8006 ist auf den Nodes nicht mehr vorhanden. Restart von pveproxy und/oder pve-cluster funktioniert auch nicht (Timeout) Im Syslog wiederholen sich ständig...
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    Backup to 2nd (cluster) PVE box

    Hello: I want to backup VMs from machine 1 to machine 2. If I create a storage location (type, folder) on machine 2 and add it as storage for VZDump Backup Files that are accessible by both machines, when the backup runs, it does not go to the actual disk on the machine 2. On machine 1 the...
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    Proxmox 3.4 add not to cluster issue

    Hello, When I try to add two nodes to cluster, I get error: root@tormsrvprox2:~# pvecm add tormsrvprox1 copy corosync auth key stopping pve-cluster service Stopping pve cluster filesystem: pve-cluster. backup old database Starting pve cluster filesystem : pve-cluster. Starting cluster...


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