pve 5.1

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    It is possible to restore vm of proxmox 5.1 in proxmox 6.1

    Where can you read about it?
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    Single server to clustered environment upgrade?

    Hi Everyone! I am reading about Proxmox VE as planning to have it for our hosting (Appreciate the team for such a good admin guide - I haven't finished it yet) Now my question is, can I start with a single server PVE and later connect more servers and make clustered PVE without any downtime? If...
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    Managing the size of a FDE VM

    So I made a full VM and installed Debian 9.3 using full-disk encryption. Now, Proxmox uses LVM-Thin to store VM drives, which is smart, because LVM-Thin only allocates data when it is actually written. However, when using FDE, Proxmox can't tell what is written and what is not (at installation...
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    RAM Usage Doesn't Add Up

    I've had my Proxmox server for a good few months, and I have a handful (about 6 running 24/7) of full VMs with various hardware stats. Most just have a 1 core processor with 1 or 2 gigabytes of allocated RAM. I noticed today that my RAM usage was higher than normal, about 6.8GB (as reported by...
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    [SOLVED] PVE 5.1-46 update broke xterm.js

    This morning, I updated my home server from PVE 5.1-43 to 5.1-46. Before the update, I had a handful of QEMU VMs that I configured serial sockets for so that I can use xterm.js (it's much faster when I'm on the go since I have a very restrictive bandwidth that noVNC can't quite make it through)...
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    Pfad mounten in proxmox

    Hallo, seit dem Update von Proxmox 4.4 auf Proxmox 5.1 werden keine cifs-Mount-Punkte mehr geladen. die Mount-Punkte sind alle in der Datei /etc/fstab gelistet: Beispiel: // /mnt/nextcloud-data cifs uid=0,gid=0,rw,credentials=/etc/cifspasswd 0 0 In der...
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    Nach Upgrade von Proxmox 4.4 auf 5.1 lxc-Config-Warnungen

    Hallo, nach einem Upgrade von Proxmox 4.4 auf 5.1 wird beim Ausführen von lxc-Befehlen immer die Warnung ausgegeben: The configuration file contains legacy configuration keys. Please update your configuration file! Kann mir jemand mitteilen, was es sich damit auf sich hat? Wenn eine neue CT...
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    Network very slow after upgrading to 5.1

    Hi. I upgraded my PVE 4.4-20 system (pve-manager/4.4-20/2650b7b5 (running kernel: 4.4.95-1-pve) to the last PVE 5.1 (pve-manager/5.1-41/0b958203 (running kernel: 4.13.13-2-pve). The upgrade ended without any error but after the reboot the networking on the server is really slow! I can connect...
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    Mild Disk IO brings VM to its knees

    I'm running a windows server 2016 VM on proxmox, so far it has no roles defined or anything just core + gui installed. I have one shared folder and I'm busy copying data from our current file shares onto it using Allwaysync software over the network. While this copy process is happening the...
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    GPU Passthrough of CPU integrated graphics

    Hello everyone, I know that there are a lot of threads covering this topic but I could not find any that solve my issues. I would like to run Proxmox headless and passthrough the iGPU (and the capability of displaying the output on a monitor) to one VM. I also tried to use Intel igvt-g but...


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