node failure

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    node 1 randomly going down

    I have 4 node cluster built on HP consumer-grade computers ( added additional HDD via USB 3.0 interface for CPEH) one node randomly going down not able to fix this can someone please help ? Attached the log from node
  2. E

    Understanding LXC Migration Behavior in a Proxmox HA Cluster with 3 Nodes

    I'm currently managing a Proxmox cluster with three nodes configured for high availability (HA). I've observed some behaviors regarding LXC container management and failover mechanisms, and I'd appreciate any insights or clarifications you might offer. Preventing Duplicate LXC Instances: In our...
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    Host failure caused reboot on other host in 2 node cluster

    Hello, We deployed a cluster consists 2 hosts. Yesterday one of them suddenly rebooted itself (might be caused by a hardware malfunction or power outage), after that the other one. We conducted few tests after incident occurred, observed that when the first node was rebooted, the second node...
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    Issues after renaming node

    I followed the instructions here and the name changed but all of my container/VM configs were not there. After checking into /etc/pve/nodes the old node was there along with the new. I moved my configs into the new nodes folder, verified they were...
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    VM Failover Method During an Unexpected Node Failure

    Hi, I would like to know if there are any possible methods of automatic failover VMs to another node in a cluster in a case of a unexpected network/power failure. My configurations are as follows: - - Both nodes are mounted with the same NFS pool - VMs are using the same NFS pool I am aware...
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    HOW to assign NAS located vms from one node (that crashed) to another node?

    Hi, I have a cluster of 5 nodes. The 5th one is not working (because it was upgraded and now don't play nice with the rest). Untill I fix the 5th node: I want to access my vm which are located on a FreeNAS using any of the other 4 nodes in the cluster? That should be simple, right? Thanks...
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    HA node reboot limit

    Hi, I am currently setting up a proxmox (v. 5.1-41) cluster. Since the default behaviour of nodes which can not reach other members is rebooting themselves, it would be interesting to know where I can configure this. Especially setting a limit of how many reboots a server is allowed to make...
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    pve 4.4: Cluster nodes flapping in GUI from green to red and vice versa

    Hi folks, I have a weird behaviour while setting up a brand new cluster. In the 5 node pve 4.4-18 cluster all nodes start after reboot in green, available state in the GUI. After a minute or so, node by node turn from green state to red cross until all nodes seems to be offline. It takes an...
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    Node rebooting without apparent reason

    Hello, I just realized that a node of my PVE HA cluster rebooted w/out apparent reason so I wanted to make some troubleshooting. I have the feeling that the soft watchdog could be responsible for this, maybe due to some misconfiguration with the time server. Is it possible to understand if the...


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