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    Como montar o pool rbd , para ter acesso aos arquivos? / How to set up the rbd pool to have access to the files?

    ha alguma forma de montar um pool rbd em uma unidade para que possa fazer cópia dos arquivos armazenados nele? como proceder? Is there any way to mount an rbd pool on a drive so that I can make copies of the files stored on it? how to proceed?
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    [TUTORIAL] lxc mount zfs pool

    I want to share the results of me trying to mount multiple zvols in an lxc container to share them using smb/nfs/sftp The command outputs are trimmed to only include the relevant parts. Goal: Gounting ZFS-Pool into lxc Container. Prerequisites Proxmox VE 8.2.2 Container 102 (to mount to) A...
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    add backup disk in other proxmox

    how can i add my backup disk that has iso images in another proxmox, cause when i put this disk, normally proxmox ask for delete the disk content and inicialize GPT, but i need restore the iso, what are the steps to perform this task and mount the volume.
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    [TUTORIAL] What are the steps to create and mount CephFS on a Linux VM?

    It will help if it is GUI-based steps to create CephFS. I currently have configured Ceph as shared storage on all 3 nodes. Also, Linux VMs are on local storage. I have to use CephFs to create a shared folder between 2 VMs on different nodes.
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    Creating RAID Storage for media

    Hello all, I'm VERY new to Proxmox and am completely in over my head on starting a server. I've only touched the surface in understanding how any of this works but am plenty willing to learn. A friend of mine gave me their old pc to use as a Plex media server for my kids and family, and I've...
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    Pass bluetooth to LXC container

    Hello, I'm trying to setup bluetooth for one of my LXC container. I found many threads on the forum (like this one) but I don't understand how I could know which /dev/tty* I have to refer to. I have no "/dev/ttyUSBXXX" and/or "/dev/ttyACMEXXX" in my system (proxmox ve 8.1.4). this what I have...
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    Proxmox NFS mount inaccessible to non-root user

    Hi I have an NFS share setup with my QNAP NAS to allow access to media files for an LXC. I'm having some issues getting access to the directory with the user that the app (jellyfin) in the container uses. Some info: User jellyfin (uid=100103) on the Proxmox host is used to run the app in the...
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    cephfs doesnt mount on centos 8

    Hi ! Please help me understand what happen. I have pve 7 and ceph version 17.2.5. Created ceph fs and try to mount it on my centos 8 fresh installed server. But there is an error in cli: mount -t ceph /mnt/cephfs -o name=user_test,secret=%ANY-SECRET% mount: /mnt/cephfs...
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    USB Mount in LXC Container Readonly !

    Hello, on the host i was mount my USB stick , USB Drive.... and on Host i can reasd and Write. So i added the line mp0:/media/USB0001,mp=/media/USB0001/ into my LXC and reboot the container After i logget into the Container and i try to read and Write.... so o can read only the Moutpoint
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    Persistent directory mount

    Where does PVE store persistent mounts for directory storage? Looking for a config file. I'm testing a standalone instance in which the primary drive (running pve) fails and my directory storage has backup files. I'm able to reestablish LVM and zfs storage by copying the necessary items from...
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    KVM mount directory from host

    is there any solution how to connect directory from host to KVM on proxmox? even if it's not native proxmox support. Thank you.


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