1. A

    Mdraid 10 / LVM / Ext4 vs ZFS Raid 10 with 4 HDDs (spinning disks)

    Hello everyone, We have a Raid 10 server with 4x 2Tb HDDs (spinning disks). The installation runs well with MDRaid 10 and LVM-Thin/Ext4. Overall, it's a static file server that's part of our CDN infrastructure. The question now is whether ZFS can take the place of MDRaid without compromising...
  2. G

    HowTo: Proxmox VE 7 With Software RAID-1

    Introduction The operating system of our servers is always running on a RAID-1 (either hardware or software RAID) for redundancy reasons. Since Proxmox VE 7 does not offer out-of-the-box support for mdraid (there is support for ZFS RAID-1, though), I had to come up with a solution to migrate...
  3. K

    Benchmark: ZFS vs mdraid + ext4 + qcow2

    After fighting with ZFS memory hunger, poor performance, and random reboots, I just have replaced it with mdraid (raid1), ext4, and simple qcow2 images for the VMs, stored in the ext4 file system. This setup should be the least efficient because of the multiple layers of abstraction (md and...
  4. B

    Full node hangs for seconds at CT/VM creation/deletion/bootup/backup (mdraid1+LVM)

    Hello, the title describes the problem pretty well. It's a single node with no cluster or any "exotic" external storage. The problem has been happening for a while now, may be some months (we've learned just to not backup entire VMs and not to restart them unnecesarily, and never at heavy usage...
  5. P

    DRBD9 on mdraid with SSD storage

    Hi, We're preparing a migration scenario where we'd like upgrade our Proxmox 3.4 cluster to 4.x and convert our exisitng storage to SSD. Would you consider it smart enough to put DRBD9 based volume over mdadm RAID-10 over a set of SSD storage? AFAIK, SSDs themselves should be able to provide...
  6. L

    Suggestions on migration of physical gentoo machine with luks to lxc

    Hello! Can anyone help me with my gentoo machine. I have physical home server with gentoo. It runs on mbr, 4.4.1 kernel, single partition for /, nothing special. Also it has mdraid1 of 2x4tb disks with LUKS and LVM inside LUKS + 1x3tb disk with LUKS and LVM for the backups. system disk is not...
  7. N

    Inaccessible boot device on 4.2.8 kernel

    Hi! As part of the community repository offering, running proxmox on a minimal jessie install, I upgraded my proxmox to kernel 4.2.8 as it became available. Only recently I found out (during a reboot when the new kernel became default) that for some reason, booting from an mdraid0 boot device...


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