1. S

    Fail to find partition on loop device inside container

    Good morning, I'm having a problem with creating and using a loop device interface, in particular using internal partition. I'm using Yocto to create an image. I've already done this on a separate machine, and I moved to proxmox machine recently reproducing the same steps. I'm using a Ubuntu...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Network configuration on a Cisco UCS Blade

    Hello everyone, We would like to use Proxmox on a Cisco UCS B200 M-Series Blade. We've already installed the latest Proxmox version on the Host. From the network side on the switch we've configured two LACPs which has 4 ports each. With the VLANs 9 for management and 201, 4092 for data. This...
  3. hoffmn01

    2-node cluster - mail loops back to myself on target domains for one node only

    Hello Proxmox-Forum, we do have a storage error. We are running a 2-node cluster of the latest mail gateway version in HA mode. One of the nodes started to make trouble delivering mail to external domains (Microsoft-based and others). The error is reproducible. The error message on the node1 is...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] BTRFS Filesystem in LXC/LXD Container

    Hi, on a fresh install of Proxmox with BTRFS, I noticed that the containers install by default with a loop device formatted as ext4, instead of using a BTRFS subvolume, even when the disk is configured using the BTRFS storage backend. I'd like to use BTRFS directly, instead of using a loop...
  5. H

    Removed USB disk used for backups, storage null error now

    Hi, I have a very small Proxmox node installed and I used to have a USB 3.0 hard disk as my simple backup for my VMs and CTs. This disk died, and I simply deattached it, however, now when I go to "Backup" section for each CT or VM that used that disk to automatically create backups, I get...
  6. O

    VM Reboot loop

    Hello, If would be nice if PVE could detect a VM stuck in a reboot loop (case when something on the virtual disk has failed resulting in constant reboots). I've had a FreeBSD VM with a damaged disk... constantly rebooting and no indication there was a problem (it was showing as running...
  7. K

    HAVP AV Proxy - mount: /var/spool/havp failed

    Hi, I try to install the HAVP Proxy into a LXC Debian 11 Container. Iam receiving this error, when bringing up the Service: systemctl status havp.service * havp.service - LSB: HAVP virus-scanning HTTP proxy Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/havp; generated) Active: failed (Result: exit-code)...
  8. S

    dev loop0

    Hi guys. My big is itching :) My big is a server with about 10 KVM clients that each host about 10 LXC containers (nested virtualization is the way to go these days.) Lately I have seen several "dev loop0" problems usually with I/O errors indicating a malfunctioning disk causing problems with...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Mount via loop device in container

    Hi, I am trying to mount using "mount -o loop" on a container and I am not able to do it. The container is running Debian 9. My Proxmox version is 5.2-8. I have done lots of web searching and read many posts about similar attempts (but nothing identical). As a result of have this set up. I...
  10. A

    KVM / CentOS 6.8 random hang with 100% CPU

    I have a problematic VM that randomly hangs with CPU usage pegged to the max. the load average goes 30+ and though I can ping the machine as normal, the console never responds and all users are locked out. Until the crash, the system runs under 1.00 load average. I have to stop/start to get it...
  11. G

    LXC disk size vs. disk usage MISMATCH

    Looks like the actual disk size inside an LXC container is smaller than reported, because our containers are routinely getting full before hitting the specified disk size. For example in this container there is a 2GB difference between available disk space and disk size. root@lxc:/# du -chs *...


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