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    Two Proxmox and GRE tunnel

    Greetings dear community. Maybe they can help me here. So, the configuration. I have two configured Proxmox 8.x.y servers Each has its own network: Proxmox-A: ext_IP: 135.x.y.z int_IP: int_network: Proxmox-B: ext_IP: 155.x.y.z int_IP: int_network...
  2. Z

    Proxmox with pfSense GRE

    Hello proxmox users and staff. I do not know how to configure so that my router VPS (which has IPs) GRE's to pfSense which will then shoot the GRE tunnels to my local servers, etc and Do anyone have a useful guide on how to do GRE (debian 11) to pfSense? I know that this...
  3. T

    Virtual Mikrotik RouteOS CHR with ip public, EoIP not work.

    Hi, i have a dedicated server on Ionos with Proxmox. Server wan interface is enp35s0 Has a public ip Gateway I have an additional ip address that ionos delivered me via vlan1010 for using it in virtual machine. My /etc/network/interface: auto...
  4. T

    Gre protocol forwarding to VM not work

    Hi everyone, I have a proxmox on a dedicated server that has a public ip on the WAN side and I created a DMZ to a virtual machine inside it, I noticed that everything passes except the gre protocol. Can you give me a hand please? Below I put the configuration of the interfaces: auto lo iface lo...
  5. C

    Route subnet over gre + lxc

    Hi, guys! I have: Server as router on OVH: a.a.a.a Failover ips on OVH: b.b.b.b/29 Unprotected server (node for VMs/cts) on other ISP (or other OVH server): c.c.c.c I need to create containers on an unprotected server, but so that traffic to the containers themselves or VMs goes through a...
  6. S

    GRE Tunnel for DDos protection

    Hello. I am new to Proxmox and I hope you guys can help me with setting up an GRE tunnel. I have a working GRE tunnel from a OVH VPS to a Hetzner dedicated server running Proxmox. The GRE tunnel is for using the DDoS protection of OVH. So this is my situation, I have a interface on my proxmox...
  7. F

    Tunnel: Is it possible?

    Hi guys! Me and my stupid questions are back! I would like to know if is possible to use this situation: Dedicated Server 1 Public IP address Multiple KVM instances (connected to internet with local IP address) VPS Server (other provider) Multiple IP addresses I would like to know if is...
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    GRE Tunnel for AntiDDoS ?

    Hi guys! I'm totally confused those days about routing/nat and other similar. What I have into GRE tunnel: - Dedicated Server with 1 IP address (minimal AntiDDoS) - - VPS Server with 1 IP address (powerful AntiDDoS) - My requirement it's to route all traffic from...
  9. D

    Proxmox node GRE tunnel over public IP

    Hi, I have 3 servers: server one, public IP: server two, public IP: server three, public IP: All of them have set up private network: I would like to set up GRE tunnel between them for this private network, using public interfaces (through NAT). 1) Is...
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    OpenVSwitch - network GRE tunnel

    Hi, I have set up GRE tunnel using OpenVSwitch as stated in this tutorial: Nodes are communicating between each other using private network. On first glance everything seems fine - VMs does see each...
  11. J

    Looking for OVS Configuration

    After searching the forums for the last three days....and not finding a complete answer....I wanted to see if anyone else has tried to configure Proxmox with a similar configuration....and if so, can I see your /etc/network/interfaces file :) Here a picture of what I'm looking for...
  12. V

    openvswitch, bridges and routing

    Hello, up to this point I ran this network configuration on my Proxmox 4.4 node: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway post-up echo 1 >...
  13. D

    VXLAN/GRE over LAG

    Dear community, I have two Proxmox 4.1 with latest patches and LAG (openvswitch) working. Both are attached to a Layer 2 switch. There is also a simple 1Gb Router with minimal vlan support, so I don't want to use the inter-vlan routing anymore, because the throuput is very, very low. Is it...


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