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    Ceph performance advices

    Hi, We are on the point of changing our current IT infrastructure with a small Proxmox cluster of 5 nodes : Dell Precision R7920 Xeon Gold 5118 or Xeon Silver 4112 128 GB ECC RAM Data/VM disks (Ceph) on 5x3 16 TB Exos HDD. System/ISO disk on NVMe SSD via a PCIe adapter. Currently these are...
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    I/O into VM almost 10 time slowly then on proxmox host

    I have 2 SAMSUNG MZQL23T8HCLS-00A07 3.84Tb. Specification says about 180000 IOPS and 4000Mbps writing, 1000000 IOPS and 6800Mbps reading. I tested disks with fio like that: fio --randrepeat=1 --ioengine=libaio --direct=1 --gtod_reduce=1 --name=test --filename=test --bs=4k --iodepth=32...
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    Poor ZFS SSD IO benchmark: RAID-Z1 4 x SSD similar to RAID-Z10 12 x HDD

    Hi there! I have two PVE 7.0 on ZFS, one with 12 x 4TB 7.2K SAS HDD in ZFS RAID 10, the other with 4 x 4TB SATA SSD in Z1 and they're coming out with near identical IO performance, which is suspicious! From benchmarking with FIO with caches and buffers disabled, on sequential read / writes, the...
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    Is this the right way to benchmark encrypted ZFS pool with fio?

    Hi All, As I am new to proxmox, zfs and fio, and before sharing any results, I wanted to confirm that I am doing it right (ie. I am testing the right things and in the right way)! I created a ZFS mirror pool over 2 HDDs for vms only (the proxmox host is on another ZFS pool of SSDs). I...
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    FIO Benchmark on the ZVOL. Fast in Proxmox, slow in VM. Same benchmark, same ZVOL

    Hello! Title says it all, but here a details: Host: Proxmox VE 6.3-6 Guest: Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS SSD: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 2 TB (two in ZFS mirror) ZVOL: 90GB, thin-provised, sync=disabled Then i benchmarking this ZVOL directly on the Host i get almost maximum performance that this SSD...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox - measure disk performance

    Hello, sorry this feels like an absolute newbee question, but I could not figure out where to get "fio" from. I'd like to measure disk performance using fio, but searching with "apt-cache search fio" doesn't show anything. Any help is welcome. Best greets, Mario


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