cpu usage

  1. X

    Higher CPU usage reported by Proxmox than the actual VM's

    Hey there, ---------------------------------------------------------------- System : Proxmox v8.1.3 2 LXC's 4 VM's : 3 ubuntu servers , 1 windows server - 2 ubuntu servers with 6 dockers running , been a year roughly with 1% CPU average for both even less - 1 ubuntu server with only 1 docker...
  2. F

    VM CPU usage increased after proxmox upgrade from pve6.4 to pve7.0

    I've upgraded my proxmox ve from pve6.4 to pve7.0 last night and I found that the CPU usage of VMs had increased around 20%~40%, and I've total no idea what's the reason.
  3. S

    Comfortable CPU usage for a single node.

    I'm a bit new to Proxmox, so forgive me if this was already discussed. I'm wondering if there are some general guidelines concerning CPU usage on a single node. I have a 2 node cluster, one of the nodes running several VMs of different compositions (vms that are strictly databases, some are...
  4. J

    Server Has Sudden Increase in CPU Usage and Load

    Hello, I'm experiencing a strange CPU usage/load issue: After starting (/restarting) my server, it has a CPU usage and load, which I would consider normal (CPU usage is around 6% and load around 1). Then after a few days (6 or so), all of a sudden the CPU usage and load increase to about 40-50%...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] PVE 5.2-1 High (6%) cpu use on idle Linux guests

    I have a quite old Dell R310 with a Xeon X3440 @ 2.53GHz, with the latest Dell BIOS and various firmwares (they should be patched for Spectre/Meltdown). I have installed the latest PVE and set up 2 Linux VMs. (Devuan 2, basically a Debian 9 without systemd) I have 5% to 6% cpu always in use...
  6. TwiX

    Missing Zabbix CPU time

    Hi, Proxmox hosts (V5.1 with HA/Ceph) are supervised by Zabbix (v2.4.x), but it seems that CPU time is missing in CPU Utilization graph. Do you know what it is ? Screenshot is attached. Thanks in advanced !
  7. G

    Probleme Server 2016 Terminalserver

    Hallo alle Miteinander, wir haben vor einiger Zeit auf Version 5 von Proxmox umgestellt und haben seitdem einige Probleme: Unser Terminalserver auf Basis von Windows Server 2008 r2 ist mit den gleichen Einstellungen (Virtio-disk,VirtioNet) auf das neue System migriert worden und hat seitdem...
  8. M

    CPU usage 100%. Virtual machine hangs

    Hi, I migrated two proxmox virtual machines from Proxmox 4.4 to 5.1. I took advantage and I migrated to ZFS. The old server had SATA disks while the new one has SSD disks. I have only two VPS running in this server. Both running Centos 6.9, one plesk and the other one Cpanel. The Plesk...
  9. B

    OpenBSD client uses 100% CPU and freezes

    Hi There I run 40 virtual machines in my cluster. All of them behave fine except the one openBSD based appliance. This appliance uses openBSD 6.1. I have contacted the vendor, but he cannot find anything suspicious on the appliance itself (www.seppmail.ch). I can trigger the situation by...
  10. J

    100% cpu in KVM VM (but no process shows load)

    Hello, i had to restore one of my VMs (Host Proxmox 4, VM Ubuntu 14.04) and after that it has constant 100% CPU load (on both cores). Unfortunatly htop is not showing me any process that causes that load. How is that even possible and how can i fix that? Thanks and best regards, John
  11. E

    CPU difference with proxmox 4.3 and vm?

    I upgraded my cluster from proxmox 4.2 to 4.3 and I see on one vm a difference in the usage of the cpu! In the GUI of proxmox it shows me 7,xx% usages of the cpu while in the vm I just have 0.7% cpu usage. that is a big difference. I dont see it with my other vm's! it is an LXC container, but I...


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